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Jun 11, 2007 08:45 AM

Neptune Oyster--parking?

I thought I remembered reading a recent post where someone was talking about validated parking and Neptune...but I went back and can't seem to find anything, so perhaps it wasn't Neptune? Can anyone shed any light on this?
Also, is Haymarket the closest T stop to Neptune? I'm assuming it is but with all the construction changes going on around there, I'm not sure if anything has changed. Any insight on either of these issues much appreciated. I've combed thru all the Neptune postings and it sounds like just about everything is good, but if anyone has any stellar dishes to recommend, I'm all ears. Thanks,

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  1. Yeah Haymarket is closest, Govt. Center just a little further away if you're on the B line or something. The T's your best bet IMHO.

    1. Fried clams are unbelievable! Also, I'd take the T, Haymarket is very close -- pretty much just across the street (of what was the elevated highway).

      1. Be sure to try the crudo, though I love it all at Neptune - I always order too much food.

        YumYum recently mentioned the nearby Blackstone lot which is 3$ with validated parking.

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          Thanks Rubee. I KNEW I remembered reading something. Now I just have to figure out where the heck Blackstone St is. Sounds familiar, but I've got no clue how to get there.

        2. I had dinner there last week.... Fried Clams were incredible!
          Space is small, get there early. Sit at the bar, if possible.
          There's a lot on Cooper Street for $15 as well.

          1. We usually take the T to the North End, but last Saturday it was raining and we had the kid with us, so we drove. Antico Forno validates the Parcel 7 garage (right across from Haymarket) - $3 for 3 hours. Maybe Neptune validates too?

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              A quick report since there have been so many glowing reviews lately, what's one more?
              Monday nights are a good night to go. We strolled in at 5:30 and all the tables were empty, and a few seats were taken at the bar. We grabbed a stool at the bar...had a variety of raw oysters, the tuna crudo, an order of fried oysters and the lobster spaghettini. All excellent. The fried oysters were melt in your mouth. I love the spaghettini --really al dente pasta which tastes homemade. Not cheap though at $38.95 for this special order...but no so bad I suppose if you're splitting with some other items, as we did. Service was attentive. Meal was just as good as I remembered. I wish I lived closer, I'd try and get there a little bit more.

              Re parking --I lucked out with a free-for-all spot sort of parallel to Salem, I guess that's Cross Street. I couldn't figure out where the heck that Blackstone St parking lot was --the Parcel 7 Garage --I was thinking it was actually IN the north end but it sounds like it's over by will have to try and find that another time when I have a little more time.