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Jun 11, 2007 08:10 AM

Mail Order butter beans, pink-eyes, and other southern produce

I was not sure where to post this, home cooking seemed to be the best bet...I am looking to order speckled butter beans, crowder peas, and other southern staples and am not sure where to look. In one of Ronni Lundy's cookbooks, King Cotton Produce in Montgomery, Al was listed as a source. Unfortunately, they have since closed.

I would welcome any recommendations or advice you all may have! Thanks!

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    1. WHere are you that you can't find these things? Just curious. I can get all of this in the frozen food section at the grocery store here in Houston, Tx. They also have the dried beans and the canned ones. You should try purple hull peas- very good. And butter beans are made from large white lima beans. But you need a leftover hambone!

      You could look at Amazon - they have a food section now.

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        Philadelphia area...when I lived in Florida, I could get frozen speckled butter beans year round. All they really have up here is frozen black eyed peas and as any southerner will tell you (originally from Alabama), there is so much more out there then just black eyed peas

        1. re: scrappytea

          It is prime "cowpea" season here in Texas! Cowpeas are purple hull, lady cream, crowders, and black eyed peas. I wish I could get you some, because that is good eating!

          1. re: danhole

            I'm going to try to make it to Alabama this summer to see family. I plan on sneaking off to the farmers market and stocking up on fresh crowders/purple hull/etc, freeze them, then hoard them until I need a fix.

      2. If you are looking to mail order southern food, have you tried Lee Bros. Boiled Peanut web site?


        1. Here's a source for your butter beans, at least:

          ...and these folks have your crowder peas: