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Jun 11, 2007 08:07 AM

The Big Meal, But Where?

here is the situation. My wife and I are comming to Toronto for a wedding in sept. Yeah I know that it's early for this but I am trying to get everything set up.
I was born in TO but my wife has never been. I have my fave little places to take her, if they are still open, but I need the one big stellar meal. Price is not an object. Cusine type is not an object, we enjoy everything.
So my question is what is the can't miss restaurant in Toronto?
Who uses local ingredients best?

I have been given a list from a friend, but I can't decide..
Amuse Bouche?
Jamie Kennedy wine bar or restuarant?

am I leaving any one out?

thanks for the help!


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  1. Splendido is simply the best right now.

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    1. Bear in mind that the film festival runs 6-15 September, meaning that high-end places are often packed (even on the traditionally less busy nights), or booked for private events, so you might want to get on that now if you're visiting during that period. Of the restaurants on your list, I have yet to visit Amuse Bouche, so can't comment, but I would say Splendido is the best for the blow-out meal, and you could still fit in JKWB (good with local ingredients) without blowing the budget. I'll Susur bash a little here, and say that's very good and interesting, but really not worth the inflated expense (and I find the changing colour of light through the evening pretentious and distracting) - and I was a huge fan of Susur Lee back in the day when he had Lotus. To add to your list, I'm also a huge fan of Chiado. Let us know where you went (including your old favs) and how it turned out.


      1. Since your wife has never been to Toronto, I think it is great to bring her to Scaramouche with the window seat which allow you two to have a full view of the skyline of Toronto. Or Susur for it's adventurous food which I enjoy very very much each time.

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          or Canoe for a truly spectacular view on a nice late summer evening.

          If you want fish, do Chiado

          Splendido is magnificent, Susur is completely worth it for the food and the experience, Perigee for great food and a good chefs table. Canoe is great food and great view, Scaramouche is great food and great view also, Colborne Lane, Via Allegro for Italian, Kaji for most likely the best sushi you have ever had....