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Jun 11, 2007 08:03 AM

Review of Szechuan Bay

So I have read a lot of reviews of Szechuan Bay in Somerville after my initial visit but here is my reveiw.

I was hungering for some spicy but flavorful authentic szechuan food so I decided to give this place a try, since the old chinese restauarant Sesame was pretty decent before they closed down. It seems that all chinese restuarants that open at this place close down....not a good sign.

Anway I order the Le Mountain Chicken (sorry if I spelled it wrong) and it was extremely disappointed. Basically it is a dish compromised of 95% red hot pepper and 5% tiny pieces of fried chicken. I know that this is szechuan and all but they could have put more chicken in the dish. Unless you love to munch on dried red hot pepper than this is your dish. Otherwise they should call this dish Le Mountain Red hot Pepper and drop off the chicken from it.

I also order two appetizers: The Rabbit Minced in Chili Sauce and Dan Dan Noodles. I loved the Dan Dan Noodles flavorful and spicy and the noodles cooked perfectly. I have the Rabbit Minced in Chili Sauce. It had great potential but it was way too salty. The dish is a cold dish which would have complimented the Le Mountain Chicken that I order but it was over powered with salt. Awful

The last dish I ordered was your typical Americanized Sesame Beef. I figured that a sweet dish would compliment the spicy dishes that I ordered. I was extremely disappointed in this dish. Although they gave you ample portion of meat, it was very tough..very beef jerky tough. Seriously my jaw had a hell of a work out chewing this meat. The sauuce was too thick..too gravy like, although flavorful.

Overall I might not go back. If I do it would be only to try the spareribs that come wrapped in rice. I originally wanted to get this but the restaurant was out of it.

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  1. Sorry to hear you were disappointed. I actually haven't been back often since I posted my review in March, but that's partly because I've been busy trying out other new places.

    I definitely would have steered you away from the Le-shan chicken (literally "Happy Mountain," and referring to a district near Chengdu famous for an enormous Buddha statue some 60 feet tall and carved into the side of a cliff). Couldn't have reported on the rabbit; my wife owned a bunny rabbit when she was a girl and can't bring herself to order the stuff. There are some good dishes in their menu (unfortunately none of which you ordered), but it is hit or miss, as you see.

    To refamiliarize yourself what what I liked:

    1. I have had nothing but good experiences here. I have not tried your dishes. In my opinion Szechuan Bay is in the top tier of a bunch of good Szechuan places in the area.