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Jun 11, 2007 07:57 AM

Organic Produce Delivery

Can anyone recommend a good organic produce delivery service? I'm hoping to find a place that will deliver a variety of fruits and vegetables to please the family (so I don't think a box filled with kale would do it).


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  1. I know you didn't specify CSA but I am really impressed with Plan B organics so far. Okay it's only been one week! But they source from other farms and have stores from last fall so the variety is good, way better than my previous CSA experience. Thanks to whomever recommended them on this board! They also do a special fruit box

    Last week my gourmet box had:

    Green Garlic
    English Cucumber
    Leaf Lettuce
    Salad Mix

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      Sorry I'm very new at this. What is CSA? And would you mind telling me how much your box cost? The list of stuff sounds good but it doesn't look like enough for a week for a family, I'll check out the website for other options.

      1. re: ddelicious

        ok, very informative website! they don't deliver so i don't think this would work for us.

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          Sorry about that... but they do mention on the Winter page that they have home delivery for $5/week (bottom right of the page):

          I don't know if they deliver in the summer or not, but they do respond to email politely if not super-quickly ;)

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            Here's a previous thread with some options that deliver - people seem to like Front Door Organics


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              I recently signed up with them again after an 18 month hiatus. Originally, I was very happy with their service and found the quantity of produce to be most impressive, especially given the (previous) $25 / delivery price. The reason I discontinued was because my partner and I found that at the time, we just weren't using enough of the fruits and veggies to make it worthwhile.

              We've been trying to eat healthier lately, so we signed up with them again a couple of weeks ago. The price has gone up considerably (we paid $40 for a customizable box) and the box size has shrunk dramatically. When I saw the tupperware bin left at my door and how little was in it, I was shocked. I called and canceled immediately. Furthermore, the two onions they gave us developed blue mold after one day (they will replace bad produce, but it certainly was inconvenient) and the fruit was very underripe.

              Very friendly and courteous staff, but I think they're going through a down period right now, and until they clean up their act, I suggest you consider other options.

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        I used to get Plan B. I live near one of their depots in Toronto so I simply go there and pick up my box. I had the singles box for the winter. I was not very impressed. I understand that there would be less variety in the winter. But basically I would get 3 potatoes, 10 carrots, 6 apples, 2 bags of greens, plus a couple of other items (an occasional broccoli, a few citrus). I ran out of ways to make carrots interesting. If you get the family box, then you may get more variety.

        Also, they couldn't tell you what you will be getting during the winter. So planning is very difficult. I have to wait until I get the box to figure out what I will be making for the week. Most of the other places post a detailed list on their website for every week.

        Lastly, they do not do substitions for the summer share. So that may not work for everyone.

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          Ditto for me! We signed up for plan b for the first time (gourmet box as well) and our first week was amazing. Everything was extremely fresh and delicious. The green garlic was a surprise and a real treat. Can't wait 'til tomorrow and box #2 of the season! I personally love the idea of the weekly surprise and organizing my menus around this every Tues. Just knowing that the food is fresh, local, and varied is enough for me.

          This box is more than enough for 2 adults - there are full-shares avail for families of 3-4.

        2. There is also the Good Food Box from Foodshare. They offer both organic and non-organic produce and deliver to a local drop-off point:

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            Unfortunately Front Door Organics doesn't deliver to our area (but they look great). Foodshare doesn't seem to talk about organic on their website. Green earth seems like an option though. More suggestions appreciated!

            1. re: ddelicious

              Have a look at this page:


              They offer a large organic box and a small organic box. Sample contents are listed:


          2. I was at a small "green" fair at Cedarvale Park yesterday, and came across a company - The Clean Food Connection - that delivers organic produce and other natural products in the GTA. They will customize your order to suit your needs, including the delivery of only locally-grown produce.


            1. I just got a flyer in the mail the other day for Mama Earth Organics ( They say they are for the Beach community so depending on where you are, you might or might not get delivery.

              The only other one I know is Green Earth Organics ( The thing with this one is that part of their profits go towards supporting Greenpeace so depending on how you feel about that, it might be another option.

              I am looking for a delivery service, too, but this is as far as I got.

              Good luck, and please share with us what you find out.

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              1. re: courgette

                if you are in the delivery area, i would definitely recommend mama earth. you can see what is in the boxes on their website.

                1. re: hipfunkyfun

                  We're not in their delivery area, but in looking at the basket contents it still seems very expensive. Even the large basket is not a complete set of fruit and vegetable for a family in a week, if you plan on having at least one vegetable for lunch and dinner and a piece of fruit a day (they do seem to have more fruit than some of the other services though). Am I missing something?

                  1. re: ddelicious

                    I just got my first small organic box from Foodshare last week and I was very impressed with the quantity and quality of what I got. It cost only $22 and the quantities seem to be similar to over services charing in the $30-range. What I like about it is the element of surprise - not really knowing what will be in the box every week - and the fact that it forces me to cook at home more.


              2. I was trying to reconcile the prices for these services with what we generally spend on produce. Is it me or are most of these boxes extremely expensive, especially given the quantities? With the somewhat limited selection am I better off with Loblaws organic?

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                1. re: ddelicious

                  I deliberately have not done a price comparison. I was specifically interested in the CSA model and fresh, local produce and I expect to pay for it. I do not have the time or transport to hit farmer's markets so this is my option.
                  I personally do not understand why people get boxes of non-local stuff in the winter when even my local IGA has organic produce these days, but it obviously makes sense for some people.

                  1. re: julesrules

                    We've been getting a regular bin from Mama Earth Organics ( ) for the past few months. We've been really impressed with the quality and quantity and they're also very conscious of purchasing locally. We haven't received any spoiled items but they also allow you to subtract whatever price you think is fair. They seem like a really nice little business.