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Thin cut beef round steaks- any ideas?

I have some cheap thin cut beef round steaks. Fresh out of ideas- any help?
Something not terribly complex please.

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  1. Yes, tenderize with a hammer type meat tenderizer(pound both sides) unless you are lucky enough to have a real meat tenderizer, then coat both sides and pan fry in olive oil, makes great chicken fried steak.

    1. philly cheesesteak grinders

      1. Grits & grillades...thin cut round is perfect for grillades.

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          Ya know, Celeste, I am powerfully, and Southerly, ashamed to admit that I'm the only one in my Crew that will eat grits. Me, I was raised on them and Love them.
          Candy got me to Jonesin' bad for some a few weeks ago on this board.
          About once a year, usually in the winter, I will make a batch of grits & grillades and eat the whole damn pot myself!

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            How sad...kids that won't eat grits? Make a big pan of baked garlic cheese grits and you just might convert 'em.

        2. I know it's not a summery dish, but Rouladen immediately comes to mind.

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            great idea. I make this several times a year. The way the summer has been going, (hot then cool) why not make it on a cool day.,side of red cabbach and beets!!!

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              Had to google it to see what it is, but looks darn good. WHat are the pickles like when it is finished? As tender as pickles are, it would seem they might cook out.

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                To be honest, I don't like the pickles in them so I leave them out. But if you ordered it in a German restaurant or in Germany the pickles generally don't change that much in texture, despite the cooking.

            2. I have swiss steak in the oven right now. This was easy and smells awesome. You don't say how thin. I had 1/2 inch steaks that I pounded out to 1/4 inch. You need to pound it to tenderize the tough fibers of round steak.

              1. I always make swiss steak with mine too (see how I prepare it below) and then I serve it with Pepperidge Farm's puff pastry (sheets or shells). Sometimes I serve with mashed potatoes instead, the gravy is delicious. I tenderize the meat (I usually buy the eye of round, have the butcher cut it in 1" thick pieces (but any size will give you same results) and then have the butcher put the pieces through the tenderizer. I heat some EVOO in a pan. I make a coating of flour and an all purpose seasoning that contains onion powder, garlic powder, salt, pepper, and other spices (I use the same brand for practically everything). I dredge the meat pieces in the flour mixture and then place them in the hot oil to sear on each side. While they are searing I add a ton of diced onions and garlic. Then after they brown, add water and cook for at least a couple of hours. They will be so tender, I often cook them for longer, the longer the better. You can thicken the gravy more. Again, great with the puffed pastry shells (so they are like steak pie - the British dish) mmmmmmmm so good, everyone loves it!

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                  Well, I already did something different with it. I have another piece in the freezer- think I'll make like you and Coconutz and try some swiss steak in a few days- sounds great.

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                    Check out the recipe for the swiss steak from Alton Brown. The sauce/gravy was just delicious. Ifhttp://www.chowhound.com/topics/410302 you don't have a meat tenderizer, you can pound it with a heavy skillet.