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Jun 11, 2007 07:33 AM

Sukiyaki-where to find in in West L.A (not Asakuma!)

Looking for Sukiyaki in W.L.A.. Usually get it at Asakuma but trying to find another option...Last night, not a single noodle in the order which was kind of strange....Any suggestions? I have heard that the sukiyaki at the New Otani is good but would like to find something a bit more local. Love the traditional style by the way, like they serve in Japan.


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  1. Sukiyaki, I haven't ordered that for many years, but if your looking for an old style, more traditional spot on the westside that hasn't seesawed to the latest trends and fashions of the day, then you could try Noma's version in Santa Monica (21st & Wilshire). I couldn't possibly advise you if it would be good or not - expect them to be still stuck in a 1970's (or 1920's?) time-warp:

    Warning - It has a loyal clientele, but trendy foodsters would probably turn their noses up.....

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      Thanks for the Noma suggestion. I haven't been there in many years but you are right, they do have sukiyaki. I will have to try it again!

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        In case you missed it, "bromion" (currently 12th entry) posted at U-Zen ..." and a wonderful beef sukiyaki..."

    2. I am not sure but Gyu-kaku? do they have one?

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        No, Gyu-kaku is a bbq place. They don't have sukiyaki.

        Shabu Hachi
        11680 W. Olympic Blvd.
        LA, CA 90064

        4545 S Centinela Ave
        Los Angeles, CA 90066

      2. try sushi kirala in bh. its not crazy good, but it hits the spot & their real kobe beef sushi is to die for, the owner hooked it up with some really awsome buta kakuni made from kurobutah

        1. second u-zen.
          also hana sushi, crazy fish, ariake, sushi masu, and sakura.

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            Place Yu on satelle has sukiyaki, but last time I had it I was not impressed by the quality of the meat or the preparation. It is open late and is one of the best options in the area for late night Japanese cravings.