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Jun 11, 2007 07:30 AM

Minotaur = Mediocre

I was in the area on Friday, so I tried it out. The tortilla was a very flat omelet - I've never seen that before. All in all, it was very mediocre. The coucous seemed to have frozen mixed veggies in it. When we arrived at 7:30, the place was empty. It was full by the time we left, which meant getting the bill was a very slow ordeal.

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  1. In Spanish food/tapas, "tortilla" is a flat omelette, more like a fritata. It's nothing like a Mexican tortilla.

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      I know what a tortilla is - I've been to Spain and I've eaten tapas in many cities. Usually it's layered and a coupl of inches high - not a flat floppy thing like this place serves.

    2. I wish "Chloe" was still open