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Jun 11, 2007 07:11 AM

Wine Shop or Bar in Dumbo ?

Hey guys,

Can anyone please tell me if there are any that you can recommend? Thanks!

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  1. There's only one, but luckily they're quite recommendable - Blanc et Rouge

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    1. re: lambretta76

      yep, it's a fairly good place. if you are looking for a wine bar, there is Rebar. i haven't been, but apparently it's a bar and tapas place. has anyone checked it out?

      1. re: twiggles

        Rebar's good but not great -- the space is fantastic, but the wine list didn't blow me away, and the tapas were pretty basic (good portions, though). It's a quality addition to the neighborhood, but I wouldn't consider it a destination from other 'hoods (or boroughs, for that matter).

    2. I have to disagree re: Rebar's wine list. I think they have a really good and interesting wine list. Depends on what you are looking for but all of the wines are from organic/biodynamic/sustainable vineyards and they have a fairly eclectic selection. There's a few for $4 to $5 /glass that are good wines you don't often see by the glass. Not award winning or going to blow you over with their flavor profile, but solid, enjoyable, basic wines that don't get enough attention in the USA (clairette, ugni blanc, colombard, touriga nacional). And if you are interested in spending a little more I highly recommend the Chenin Blanc by the glass. Also, check out the Alsatian sparkling wine - it's $32/bottle and it is fantastic.