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Jun 11, 2007 06:59 AM

Metairie, LA -- Local Cuisine [Moved from South Board]

My wife is leaidng a group of 25 high school kids from Minnesota down to Metairie, LA next week for their summer mission work (hurricane rebuilding). They will be staying in Metairie. Can anyone recommend a place in the area with good local food, not super-expensive, that can accomadate a group of 25-30 people?

Many thanks.

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  1. For breakfast, you can take them over to Morning Call on Veterans Blvd. Hole in the wall type place with juice, coffee and argueably the best beignets in New Orleans. Milano's Pizza on Cleary has great pizza, as does Italian Pie and Pauly's (po'boys) on Transcontinetal get good reviews. Check out Tom Fitzmorris' website to see whether these are open and possible links or reviews of other places. I haven't been in Nawlins since preKatrina.

    1. Check out the places out by the lake like R&O's or New Orleans Food and Spirits. There's also The Galley on Metairie Road. Drago's would be great, but is a little more expensive.

      1. The kids might like Drago' is located in Metairie, isn't super expensive, and has a variety of seafood, including (locally) famous char-grilled oysters. This would count as a "splurge" meal on a student budget. Other good choices in Metairie include the Galley (seafood, including boiled crawfish) and Bozo's.

        A fairly new place in Fat City is a cajun joint run by some folks from Bayou Lafourche; the name escapes me right now. Maybe somebody else can remember? It's just off of Severn across from Lakeside Mall.

        1. Might want to check out Come Back Inn at 8016 W. Metairie Ave.
          (south side), not too far from the Kenner line, 504-467-9316. Very good seafood, in a very casual, neighborhood setting. It is smallish, but should accommodate 30 folk. I'd give them a call beforehand, just to make sure that they can handle a group of that size. They have been rated very highly for their roast beef, and my mother-in-law really loves their fried chicken, though I have never had either.


          1. Thanks to all for these great suggestions.