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Jun 11, 2007 06:57 AM

Konnyaku rice?

I recently saw a Dotch Cooking Show episode that had healthy versions of Kare vs. Sosu Cha-han - each had less than half of the original calories. One of the cooks reduced calories (and carbs - my goal) by using some Konnyaku rice - Konnyaku formed into rice-size grains. He mixed it with the regular rice - I think about 1/3 was the Konnyaku rice. The taster (one of the hosts) said he could not taste the difference. Hard to believe - but it's got me looking. Has anybody seen or heard of Konnyaku rice? Nothing comes up in searches and my local Japanese food store doesn't have it.

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  1. Konnyaku is a noodle made from yam flour, as far as I know...the rice shaped pasta can be purchased here:

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      Thanks for the link. They seem to be out of the orzo which is the closest to rice, but I'll order from them as soon as they have some. I'm curious about how this is marketed in Japan, where rice is Rice. I've eaten konnyaku since I was a kid - mainly in oden - but the thought of a rice substitute is never appealing to Japanese. Nevertheless, being obese and type 2 diabetic, rice is not an option - at least with every meal and at the quantities I grew up with. So I would think that if it's that good a substitute, it would have caught on more.

      For folks that would like some more info, here's a good site that goes over what it's made from, how it's made and some history: