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Jun 11, 2007 06:53 AM

Kid Friendly on the Vineyard? Recs.

Going to Edgartown for a week with 2-year old daughter. Looking for good kid-friendly places, both for breakfast and dinner?

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  1. Edgartown doesn't have too many kid-friendly restaurants. A good rec for breakfast ( or any meal, actually) is Linda Jeans in O.B. Very k-f for any meal. Homeport in Menemsha has great dinners in an easy atmosphere. You can even get take-out and go to the beach there and watch a great sunset. Also, O.B. has a couple of decent pizza/Italian rest. that are geared for the family. Just remembered, though, of a good fried food stand near the Chappy ferry. Great fries! O.B. is your best bet, I think.

    1. Edgartown is filled with kids of all ages and all kinds of kid friendly spots for ice cream, burgers, muffins, pizza, seafood, fried clams and more. You can put your 2 year old in the stroller and wander around, getting a glimpse of where the action is, where the lines are, and so on. (If possible try to get a night at Atria or Alchemy, where you can bring your little one, but just let them know in advance and go early.) Kids are everywhere in Edgartown. The Wharf, Among the Flowers Cafe, the Main Street Diner and the Newes come to mind. Just keep in mind that it is fun to bring your little one and all of these places have the usual extras for kids. You have to get a sandwich at Humphrey's.....Try the Gobbler or the Cuban. Yummy. I read the the Navigator is not open, but if that changes, they would be a good choice as they overlook the water. If you have a car, there's Harry's Deli just outside of town, Lure, down by South Beach and all of the other towns, of course.
      Oak Bluffs has some appeal including the carousel however to me it is better for preteens and teens. (There is a noisy game room in the center of town.) Yes, Linda Jean's is family friendly but the food is nothing special, although it is an island icon. I think you'll find Edgartown to be VERY welcoming for you and your 2 year old. The early morning breakfast hours are really special as all of the kids who wake up at sunrise are out with the parents and the strollers, and it's a cute sight. Have FUN! Bring a picnic to the beach!

      1. Hey, Coast, here's another idea for your visit to Edgartown wiith a 2 year old but this is a good move for anyone. Go to the Harborview where the restaurant is called the Coach House but do not go there.....Wander into the back, behind the restaurant and off of the big front porch. There you will find the hidden jewel, which I have always refered to as The Back Bar but has numerous other names among the locals. It's tiny, beautiful and a little secret. Go around 5 when your little one is hungry for dinner and you parents need some good wine and fresh treats from the raw bar. Find a seat on the porch, pull out some toys for the little one, and send one of the grown ups in to order. You can sit out there over looking the water, slurp up some good oysters and drink up some excellent wine by the glass, and your little one can nibble on some fries or you can bring something for her that she enjoys---- just pull them out of the little lunch box thing you usually bring along! If she gets restless, one of you can cross the road and explore the trails to the ligh house while the other slurps up the rest of those oysters and orders more wine. Mmmmm. Chris is the bartender---- he knows his stuff and the Red sox are on whenever there is a game.