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Jun 11, 2007 05:28 AM

Joe's Crab Shack in CT?

My coworker keeps seeing an ad on the tv for Joe's Crab Shack somewhere in CT but he missed where they are located. Does anyone know if of where they opened? Thanks, Rich

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  1. why not check their website for new locations?

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    1. re: jujuthomas

      I couldn't check on my work pc but looked at home and there are none in CT. He must not be hearing the ad right and then not telling me what he heard on at ad on tv. Oh well, guess I will have to wait for him to hear it again and find out what Joe's or Crab he is talking about.

      1. re: javaandjazz

        I've seen the ad on tv also recently but I don't think it's on a local Ct. station but rather something like the History channel or TCM.

        1. re: cheshirecat

          It's a chain that spends much more time on it's over-themed decor than the mediocre food. The one near us has a playground out front and if there is one rule of dining it's avoid any restaurant with a playground. Connecticut just has to have better seafood going for it than that place. For example we were just passing through on our way to Rhode Island and had a great lunch at Johnny Ad's in Old Saybrook.

          1. re: RC51Mike

            I didn't mean to endorse Joe's Crab Shack by my previous post. We had the misfortune of having lunch at the Nashville location last fall and the food was pretty sad, as was the service. Connecticut can and does do better.
            Johnny Ad's has great fried seafood; the place doesn't look like much but the food is excellent.
            Went to Lenny and Joe's Westbrook location today and the seafood was likewise excellent there except for the clam chowder which really needs the potatoes to be peeled.
            The best lobster rolls I have found in the area are at Capt. Scotts in New London. If you can find the placw, you will be rewarded with a roll significantly larger than L&J's for less $ and loaded with the meat of the bug.
            They will even serve them cold though most people in Ct. wouldn't eat them that way. Their clam chowder is unfortunately not very good. Can't recommend it.

            1. re: cheshirecat

              Agree with Cheshirecat re Johnny Ad's, Lenny and Joe's and Capt. Scott's. Unfortunately, Capt. Scott's outdoor table service area is closed for the winter. Their retail store is open, however.

            2. re: RC51Mike

              I'm not saying that Joe's is as good as some of the places mentioned here (few of which I've been to yet), but in Dallas and Austin I found them better than mediocre and better than a Red Lobster (last time about 10 years ago). They had a good selection of beers and I never had bad food there. Never saw any with playgrounds...
              Saying that, It was December '07 when I last ate at the Joe's Crab Shack in north Austin. They traded hands between restaurant conglomerates in 12-'06.

      2. There is a Joe's Crab Shack in Boston on Long Wharf....

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        1. re: lisa_google

          According to Joe's Crab Shack website there aren't any locations in Boston or Massachusetts. The closest Joe's Crab Shack to Boston is in New Jersey some 230 + miles away. The restaurant on Long Wharf in Boston is Joe's American Bar and Grill not Joe's Crab Shack. It's another chain restaurant. Hope this helps.

        2. There isnt any in CT but if you want a good seafood resturant Lenny's Indian Head Inn
          in Branford Ct is excellent. It is come as you are type of place. Shorts and T shirts are fine. They serve lobster steamers chowder whole fried clams fired shrimp and scallops, also have sandwiches steak and other things on menu. It is my favorite seafood place to eat and very reasonably priced.

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          1. re: cuteandcuddly512

            Lenny's is our favorite too. Though we live farther upstate, we'll use any excuse to drive down and celebrate something down there. My choice is the fried oysters.

          2. There is a Crab Shack in West Hartford. The restaurant used to be Tinker's Seafood. It is on Park Road.

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            1. re: judyd

              And the name is J's Crab Shack, so that might be it. what your coworker has been hearing. It is the same cook (Jay) and menu. I have heard that some of the ownership changed, but hat is pretty much the same. It is a good place and they have been having a lot of half price coupons in places like savenowct, and doubletakedeals for Chowhounds who like a bargain JB

            2. Much like Sonic and Quiznos, I think this chain is advertising about 2 years ahead of when they actually open a location in Connecticut.

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              1. re: mels

                I've though the food was OK at locations I've been to down south, but the terrible puns ("I got crabs at Joe's!") on the heavily promoted merchandise (giant gift shop up front) soured my appetite. Hope they tone that stuff down up here.