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Jun 11, 2007 04:15 AM

Impressive, but not too pricey, for business meeting tonight - Near Cedars Sinai or something on the way back to Downtown LA

I have read many of the posts regarding places near Cedars Sinai, but many of them sound pricey (Morton's, Mishima, The Ivy, etc.). I have a person visiting California for the first time (from the East Coast) and would like to take him out (there will be 4 of us) to a nice LA place that has a nice atmosphere...someplace that will allow us to talk and not feel too rushed. Something near Cedars Sinai or on the way back to Downtown LA would be nice, but does not need to be (within reasonable distance). Any recs truly appreciated!

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  1. Right down Third Street is a nice Indian place called Surya.

    Another option would be Lucques. It depends on what you consider "not too pricey." I think you could reasonably eat at Lucques for around $40 per person.

    1. If Mishima interests you, I wouldn't let the cost discourage you. It's not pricey at all. I think the udon entrees all run under $15. Here's the menu:

      1. I think you may be confusing Mishima (an inexpensive udon/soba house) with Matsuhisa (an expensive and trendsetting sushi restaurant). Mishima is really good, but I don't think so impressive.

        For not too pricey, you might consider a wine bar like Tasca or an Italian trattoria like Angeli Caffe (on Melrose, not far from Cedars) - there are probably 20 trattorias around Cedars. This is LA - you could probably hit 2 trattorias with one throw of a stone if you tried.

        For impressive, maybe a little more up-budget but not as much as Morton's or the Ivy, I'd recommend Chaya Brasserie. It is literally next to Cedars, very LA, and very good. Keep in mind it's Monday - that may narrow down your choices some.

        1. Dominick's on Beverly across from Cedars Sinai is nice, especially if you sit on the patio. On the 3rd Street side of CS is 3rd Stop that is funkier, the food's not as good but the beer selection is excellent. If you go there, order from the bar, they do not have table service.

          1. I'm not sure how much you want to spend but Grace is also an excellent choice. A bit closer to downtown, Opus is reasonable and very good--as long as there is nothing playing next door at the Wiltern.