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Jun 11, 2007 02:14 AM

Capricciosa Japanese Italian restaurant chain. Anyone know of a similar restaurant in LA?

my favorite restaurant while growing up was Capricciosa, a Japanese Italian restaurant based in Japan. Now there are tons of Capricciosas all over Asia but I don't think it has reached the US yet. I've been trying to find a restaurant that is similar but no success yet. Does anyone have any suggestions? I've been to Il Chianti and Blue Marlin, both not even close to good ole Capricciosa..

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  1. There's a "Japanese Italian" place in J-town, the name of which escapes me, on 2nd St.
    BTW, Capricciosa has a branch in Waikiki HI; not as good as the ones in Asia, but, not surprisingly, the portions are much larger...

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      1. Oh, you're killing me!...
        Was just talking to a friend the other day about a Japanese?Italian chain that opened a branch in the old Ma Maison space (now Ink) back in the mid-'90s - Right after Tulipe closed. They opened another location on the 3rd Street Promenade shortly thereafter which lasted a few years longer... Both long gone now,
        Does anyone remember the name of the place - It may very well have been an earlier branch of Capricciosa but the name doesn't ring a bell. Don't remember much about the food but the distinguishing characteristic of the room was the fact that the tables were all lined with Astroturf... On the Underside of the Tabletops!

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          The restaurant you are thinking of is Itacho, which used to be a Japanese version of Italian food but apparently is now an izakaya and sushi bar.

        2. Two Japanese pasta houses:
          Spoon House (Spoon House)
          Fat Spoon (Lil Tokyo)

          Don't get the attraction, but whatever floats your boat.

          1. There is a Capricciosa in Torrance now. On Crenshaw and Lomita Blvd.

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              It's been open for a quite a while now. The service is excellent when we went there a few months ago and the food is great. Our waiter was very attentive to our needs and very pleasant. The place shares the same building as the old Tony Roma's on the corner.