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Jun 11, 2007 12:46 AM

restaurant L - allendale, nj

quick recap of recent trip-- 1- Valet parking---why???? my car is parked 25' from the door, a big turn off to me 2- space---very nice, sleek room with outdoor area as well (no view) 3- drinks -- wine good and reasonable, mixed drinks a little expensive ($11 for a mixed drink is imho way too high for this area) 4- waitress-- friendly , helpful, professional . Front of house - seemed too focused on some and less on others, although friendly 5-- food- good, nothing better. bread to start was warm ,crusty but served with rock hard orange flavored butter . App- salads quite good ; risotto was a little too dry but still tasty. mains - steak special (29$) was overcooked for medium rare but decent, chicken (17$?)- was good but not good enough that i would not try something different if i was to return, side of parmigian fries ( approx 6$) with olive oil was the best part of the meal . In sum-- too pricy in my opinion for the quality of food. some positives but am in no hurry to return given the $, quality of food, and other options in the area

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  1. In other words, the typical Northern NJ restaurant experience...overpriced, fair to middling food in a nice space. Why don't we have a better place for dinner in this area?

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      Amen, Nancy!!! I've been griping for years about the Bergen restaurant situation. It's all about the SCENE, and not about the food. Westchester has some wonderful restaurants. But Bergen is just a restaurant wasteland.

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        Nancy,well said--in general have liked cafe panache best in the area (in fact last minute tried to get in the eve we ended up at L, but no dice) although havent been there in about 18 months. Do like the early bird at chakra for quality food at a good price. Other places we like-- Nellies and Kinchleys (especially since its been smoke free) for the family, tried a mano in ridgewood based on tommys site and was quite good , ginger and spice on 17, bhoj in elmwood park, dim sum in ridgewood. Although we go out a lot (with and w/o kids) when we want a "sure thing" end up in the city . Btw not to say we didnt enjoy the night night /atmosphere @ L and felt food was fine - just not memorable in any way

      2. Hey ekdd -

        Sorry to hear you had a mediocre experience at Restaurant L. My brother is the sous chef there. I'll pass it along to him.

        1. valet parking isn't always offered because there is a long walk to the door. it's often offered when the parking capacity of the lot is quickly reached. this is the case at Restaurant L.

          lots of regulars at this place, so you'll notice some people receiving what might appear to be extra or special attention. i've found the pork shank to be exceptional, but overall the place is pricey.

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            Tommy- i frequent your web site often and always appreciate your thoughts. your bergen county restaurant news/ reviews is 2nd to none

          2. Well, at least you like the Parmesan Fries with white truffle oil, so it wasn't a 100% wash. You should come back and give it another shot. The outside patio is set up nice now and there's entertainment out there every night of the week.

            1. I've given this place four chances. 2 out of 4 was good to okay. Can't trust this when entertaining out of town clients.
              Bar crowd looks like a circus at the end of a shift.
              Front of the house...way too touchy feely with customers. Somehow a long lingering hug and nibble on the ear isn't my idea of a professional hello to a regular customer. Get a room or get out from behind the barmaid mind and act like a professional in the business.
              Place is small and jammed with tables. When I asked my dinner partner to pass the salt..the gentlemen at the next table handed me his salt?? Now that's jammed in.
              Sorry I went four times...I really believed they would have cleaned up the we need a good restaurant in the area. Sad to say this one isn't going to be it. A hangout yes...good no