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Jun 11, 2007 12:26 AM

Inconsistency in Bossa Nova pizza crust?

I recently tried the newish westside Bossa Nova location on Pico. I had their pizza, but it didn't quite taste as I remembered the crust at their Sunset location. This location had a very fluffy yeasty dough, sort of like California Pizza Kitchen. As I remember the pizza from their sunset rest, It was more crunchy, thin and "wood fired" tasting. However it has been quite some time since I have eaten at orig location so I could be wrong.

Does anyone else notice a difference in their pizzas (or any other food) from location to location? I am wondering if this just happened to be an off-day for the cooks since this is a new branch.

BTW their bev hills location does not carry the ribeye steak, last time I checked!

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