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Jun 10, 2007 11:39 PM

Notting Hill, family restaurants and shopping

We will be staying in Notting Hill in early July as first timers in London, W11, and would like some recommendations for family dining for my wife and I and our 9 and 13 year old. The two children are quite accustomed to dining at sit down types of restaurant which for the parents would be fantastic. We like ethnic and most types of foods, but will be trying to steer away from the fish and chips and golden arches.

Your suggestions are appreciated.
Thank you.

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  1. Hmm -- why has no one written? Kensington Park Road has a few great places like Osteria Basilico (great pasta) and Luna Rosa (delish pizza by the metre), and on Westbourne Grove has Ping Pong (relaxed dim sum). I like Indian at Mahal and Thai at Thai Origin on Kensington Church Street. For standby chains, Wagamama and Pizza Express are great too....

    1. I don't know the area very well, I'm afraid, but the one place that springs to mind, since you'll be here in summer, is the Windsor Castle — — lovely beer garden, interesting interior, and good food. The only thing is that it's a pub, so you won't want to take the kids there on a weekend evening, but it would be great for a weekday lunch. (I did actually phone them up and check; they said there shouldn't be a problem with children at a weekday lunchtime, but evenings, particularly on weekends, it'd be too crowded for them to be happy with having kids there.)

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. On my list of late

          Bumpkin - westbourne park - well executed comfort food - organic and locally sourced
          The Oak - westbourne park rd - cozy Italian/pizza (Osteria and all its sister restaurants on kensington park rd are good - Mediteranio, etc...)
          Thai Rice - North end of Portobello Rd - my favorite Thai in the area these days - authentically spicy
          Durbar for Indian on Hereford Rd
          Sausage & Mash Cafe - portobello rd - does what is says on the tin
          Mike's Cafe - Blenheim Crescent, Tom's - westbourne grove, Raul's - Talbot rd for breakie (greasy spoon or Tom's or Raoul's for something more upmarket)
          On Friday or Sat morning/afternoon just eat your way around Portobello Market food stalls (not borough market - but you can find some decent eats - though the crowds can be a bit much)
          Hummingbird cafe - portobello rd for a cupcake fix
          Cafe at Garcia and Sons -portobello rd - OK spanish - informal order at the counter style. The William the IVth on Harrow rd actually does really good tapas and has a great beer garden - a bit out the way but worth it on a nice day (which we haven't had in a month)
          Speaking of fish and chips - Geales has recently been redone and is suppose to be even better then the original. Anyone been?

          All for now and I apologize in advance for random/lack of caps and spelling. Knocked this out in a hurry.