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Jun 10, 2007 10:59 PM

Someone's buying me dinner...

...but the catch is I have to provide her a list of places to choose from! I know, what a wonderful chore. She said to pick whatever, but I'm guessing she's hoping for $50 or less for food and tax/tip, and J and I have offered to pay for whatever wine/cocktails the three of us drink.

So three people, West LA but willing to travel a bit, looking for a fun restaurant. Have already been to AOC, Opus, Fraiche, and Mozza, thinking about:


Any other great suggestions? My friend's favorite foods are probably pork chops, crisp/colorful/lightly dressed salads, and creamy desserts like creme brulee and panna cotta with fruit, if that helps narrow things down. I know Josie probaby won't be her choice but I threw it in anyway.

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  1. Nook. Very good and very reasonable. The Kurobuta Pork Belly App is great. Caesar salad very good (even better with the fried calamari on top). They do have a pork chop entree and I remember it was huge. I'm pretty sure they have creme brulee. I always get the chocolate pot de creme.
    Just had dinner at Abode. Loved it but I doubt you could get away with $50pp. Without wine maybe. I would say $75-80pp to be safe but so worth it.

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      Of course, Nook! I can't believe I forgot to add that that's the last place we ate with her. Great suggestion though!

      I'll look at Abode. We tend to share appetizers and desserts and all get entrees, so we might be able to do it.

    2. Pei, I think you suggested Pesce to me when you were based in the north and subsequently it's become one of our favored spots, so thank you.
      In that soulful Itali-cali vein, have you been to the Angeli Caffe on Melrose? Everything we had in a multi-course 'feast of seven fishes' was delicious, many of the dishes were variations of things on the regular menu--like a nice simple anchovy pizza-- which makes good use of a wood burning oven. Wines well matched to the food and reasonably priced. have fun

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      1. re: moto

        Oh, of course! Someone suggested to Angeli when I was planning my move back to LA, and it's subsequentl slipped my mind. Thank you for the reminder.

        I'm so glad you like Pesce; I'm adding it to my list for my next SF visit. It's one of my top 20 in SF, and that's a hard list to keep down to 20!

      2. I think it may be hard to stay under budget at some of the places you listed. Jiraffe is probably the best value of the list--and it is a great place. Anyway, based on the fact that you seemed to like AOC and Opus, I would suggest adding Mako in Beverly Hills to your list. Really good Asian fusion small plates.

        1. I'd toss a vote in for Pane e Vino as well. Good meat and fish dishes. Also, what about Jar in the same neighborhood.

          1. since you mentioned that your friend likes pork, as well as custard-style desserts, you might want to consider really good mexican.

            how about la serenata de garibaldi?

            or if that's not really your style, there have been a ton of recs on the board for 'orris'...