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Jun 10, 2007 10:13 PM

steaks by mail suggestion

I'm looking for a recommendation for a mail order company that ships steaks, ham etc for a Father's Day gift. Any thoughts?

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  1. Look, the best is Lobel's but it's ungodly expensive. Omaha is nothing special.

    1. Allen Brothers is great, also expensive. I'm eating Tallgrass grass-fed beef, very good and costs one-third less. And agreed, nix Omaha. Supermarket-grade beef, and they'll start phoning you up with high-pressure stuff aiming to take advantage of the old and mentally retarded. Scam outfit.

        1. Maybe try calling a couple of butchers in his area and see if they'll deliver.

          The common consensus on this and other similar threads is. Good = Expensive. Crap = Omaha Steaks....I mean cheap.


          1. My vote is for Peter Lugars. Just sent 2 Porterhouse steaks as an anniversary gift this week myself. Very expensive, but the best steaks you probably ever had. (We ordered them when I went to visit my brother and family this winter, and we all agreed to make it a ritual when I visit-they were that good.
            I almost went with Lobels for the anniversary gift because they had this sweatheart steak package (steak shaped in a heart) but I was so confused whether to order Prime, Natural Prime or Wagyu that in the end decided to stick with the sure thing..Lugars. So glad I did. They were thrilled.

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              I've had the Luger's and Lobel's Prime shipped.

              Thought the Luger's was better.

              1. re: 9lives

                Thanks 9 Lives! Glad to hear that.