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Jun 10, 2007 09:47 PM

Ever order a meal ... backwards?

Or, put another way, have you ever based your appetizer/entree selection on what you order for dessert?

At a recent dinner, my friend asked for the dessert menu when our server presented us with the "regular" menu.

She said she needed to know what she wanted for dessert, if at all, before deciding on her appetizer and entree selections.

Her philosophy is that what she's having for dessert must pair well with her entree. She doesn't like to end a fish selection with a chocolate based dessert, pork and ice cream are a no-no in her book, and red meat must be topped off with a nice chocolate souffle.

Well, quirks aside, I actually think her philosophy has some merit to it.

There have been more than one time when after a rather large meal, I've been presented with the dessert menu and saw something that was either (1) really interesting or (2) really tempting, but simply was too full to partake.

Now, if only I had known beforehad, I could've planned much better.

Anyone do this? Build their meal around the dessert?

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  1. No, but perhaps I'll give it a try. Too many times have I stuffed myself on an appetizer and entree, leaving no room for dessert. Of course that's when the waiter wheels out the most extraordinary dessert cart, and I want to kick myself for not saving room.

    1. We almost never eat dessert. Not for health reasons, just because we prefer to fill up on savory apps and entrees. I'd never base my meal on a dessert. Maybe on what I wanted to drink...

      1. I often look at the dessert menu before ordering dinner, and decide that I'm definitely going to get a certain dessert.

        By the end of the meal, I'm usually too full and bummed that I have no room for dessert.

        I like your friend's method, and it makes perfect sense. So what did she order, and did she eat her dessert?

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          I completely agree that sometimes preplanning your dessert is a definite must(depends on the restaurant, and if they put time and effort into their desserts, housemade desserts, not some storebought cheesecake stuff). My SO and I usually plan our meals beginning to end, from how many appetizers, salads, entrees (a combination of all or various forms of each) we have. And if the restaurant offers unique and homemade desserts...well, we are willing participants!! Just recently had the most luscious lavender panna cotta!!

        2. I can say yes, b/c we often choose a place to eat based on their desserts not the main meal.

          1. After reading your post I kept wondering why I've never thought of this, and it occured to me that:

            -I eat at a lot of Asian restaurants. No real dessert.
            -I eat at a lot of dives/under $10 places. Either no dessert, or really predictable dessert.
            -When I go to a place with great dessert, I've probably scoped out the entire menu on line and pre-planned my meal.

            That last one is thanks mostly to becoming addicted to this website. Thanks everyone!