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Jun 10, 2007 09:42 PM

Sushi in Union County, NJ?

Moved from Manhattan to Westfield, NJ and looking for some recommendations for good sushi in Union County?

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  1. NIce little place called Ginger Sushi in Fanwood on South Avenue, near the train station. Easy to miss because the entrance isn't on South Avenue, it's around the block in a parking lot off Martine Avenue near a Chinese take-out and dry cleaners near Irma's Hallmark. Very fresh sushi, a bit pricey but that's because it's better than average. Calm, quiet atmosphere, nicely plated food, efficient service,

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      I;ve always liked Ajian on 22 West at the Watchung border

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        I think it recently closed. Someone else posted that a few days ago either here or on another board.

        EDIT: Yep - it was on the board "One of our favorite Japanese restaurant has closed. Ajian, on Rt. 22 in Watchung has a sign on their door basically saying Goodbye. We loved that restaurant. Does anyone know why it closed or whether they moved? Thanks."

        1. re: sivyaleah

          That's too bad, my wife and I really enjoyed Ajian...thanks for the update

    2. We're in Westfield too and really like Nagoya. We've both eaten there had taken suhi out and have never been disappointed. We've triedallof the rest (Ginger, Fujiama Mama, Fuji, that place in Mountainside) and none of them have given us reason to switch allegiance. Besied having very fresh fish, the owner, Henry and the rest of the people who work there are all very friendly. I have to say that Aijan was always very good, but I was only there at lunch time and it appeared that they favored their Asian cliental when it came to sevice. I still miss Iso on 2nd Ave and 12th Street inManhattan. I had gone there for 25 years and never had a piece of fish that wasn't perfect. They also used ot serve fresh uni (in the shell).

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      1. re: jnk

        jnk, is Nagoya the one by the circle near Taste of Thai?

        1. re: sivyaleah

          No, I think the name of that place is Hongbang. It's not that the sushi is bad, but I found that the fish had no taste. It's also virtually impossible to get in and out of the parking lot (if that's what you call it) as it's right on the circle. Nagoya is the the Drug Fair parking lot on North Ave. and Central, and loike most restaurants in town it's byo.

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            I'll have to keep Nagoya in mind. My brother and I try and meet for lunch now and then and he's a sushi lover. I'm pretty sure he hasn't been there yet and I'm looking forward to trying it.