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Jun 10, 2007 09:30 PM

Brunch at Elizabeth's

Yikes. Hadn't been there for brunch in a few months so I was looking forward this treat since I rarely have off on Sundays. Went later in the day and the place was only about half filled so I was rather excited about not having to wait too long for food. Mistake #1. We waited 30 minutes for and omelet and another brunch entree. My omelet was fried! I mean dead. I mean thoroughly cooked and then cooked some more. My friend's entree had poached eggs and they were hard as rocks. It was as though our food had been under the heat lamp for 20 minutes. I was so unbeliveably disappointed. The service was very friendly and efficient but unfortunately that's the only positive thing I can say. What is going on??

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  1. The original owners of Elizabeth's sold it before Katrina, and it appeared to be in capable hands back then. Since the storm, I don't know if it has changed hands again, or who's running it. Sorry to hear that you wasted a meal.

    1. I've only been to Elizabeth's twice, once pre-K and once post-K, and neither time did it live up to the hype for me. I'm much happier heading in the opposite direction to Bluebird or Slim Goody's.

      1. I took some out-of-town friends there for breakfast yesterday, around 9:30 or so. It wasn't too busy and the waiter was very attentive and friendly. I am glad to say that our food experience was not the same as yours. We had Calas to start, which was a bit overcooked but still good. Breakfast included the Crabby Eggs (poached eggs over crab cakes with sauce) and fried oysters, potatoes and spinach over poached eggs. Everything was delicious and the eggs were good, not real runny and not hard.

        I think any restaurant that is good can have bad moments. Give them a second chance and hopefully you will not be disappointed.