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Jun 10, 2007 08:41 PM

Buenos Aires Special Occasion

What is the best restaurant in Buenos Aires for a special occasion for four 25-year-old foodies? I'm looking for festive, hip, any cusine (but exciting menu), under $300AR / $100USD per person.


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  1. Tomo I in the Panamericano Hotel is outstanding. Not exactly festive, but modern ambience, excellent service, superb food.

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      Thanks! I'll check it out. Any others, 'hounds?

    2. Cabanas Las Lillas [for argentine steak - not exciting menu, but tasty], Katrine [mediterranean/italian - one of the best pastas i've had], Dora [best in terms of food, not the best in terms of hip etc.], Lomo [okay, standard New Argentine fare] and Olsen [Scandanavian - decent]. These are all based on my experiences from April of 2005. I live in New York and still dream about these restaurants, especially the value for money......

      Just avoid La Cabana - worst steak i've had in my life.....

      1. I had an excellent meal @ La Bourgogne. It is located in the Alvear Palace Hotel in the Recoleta area.

        1. DO NOT go to Olsen, well I personally think the food is bad, the service is bad. BUT the drinks are great. Reserve a table for just drinks, too bad its not summer because outside is divine.

          For a fun dinner...
          1. Casa Cruz is the most fun place to eat in BA and the most glam/stylish. You will feel like a jet set dealer dinning with your fabulous friends.
          2. Bar Uriarte is typically trendy- white, white, white. The food is good and the open kitchen gives it a lively atmosphere.
          3. Social Paraiso is the cheapest of the three and the least pretentious. But is fun and the wait staff are all young and very hip in a non annoying way.

          1. My number-one recommendation would be Thymus hip, stylish, exciting menu, and well within your can get a 6-course tasting menu for 75 pesos. I've eaten in most of the highly touted high-end restaurants in BA and Thymus impressed me most.

            Gran Bar Danzon and Bar Uriarte would meet your needs in the hip department, but would be a step down in cuisine, I think. Tomo I is very good, but a bit staid and gets a largely middle-aged foreign clientele.