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Jun 10, 2007 07:30 PM

JiRaffe - Seating? Desserts?

My mom is coming out in a few weeks and I've wanted to try JiRaffe and figured this would be a good time. Is there an ideal place to sit that I can request when making reservations? (We'd most likely be eating early, around 6pm or so). Also, we're big dessert fans so what dessert is a must have off their menu? Their chocolate cake sounds pretty good but not sure if there's something else on there that's better. Thanks for any help!

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  1. There's an upstairs, but you don't really see anything there. You could request a window seat too if you like.

    If I recall, my husband likes the creme brulee there. (Oh, and the lamb dinner is great, as are the samosas and also the beet salad.)

    There are much more enticing descriptions of those and all the other things if you click on the menu icon by their listing at

    1. Since you may be eating early enough, downstairs is fine, and agree the window tables are a good choice if not in the loft, ...when it gets filled it can be pretty noisy, and the loft seems quieter (a lot depends on who's at the other tables). I loved their sorbets...excellent citrus and various berry-types (not a big mango fan), and they're happy to give you just one flavor...the lemon souffle is pretty good stuff too.

      1. Downstairs is more fun than upstairs. The window table suggestion is a good one and since you'll be arriving relatively early they should be able to accomodate you.

        I love their beet salad. Last time I was there I had their branzino special with clams and it was lovely. Have also had their bouillabaise and the duck. Everything is very good to superb. It's not on a level with the best of French places, but you will enjoy your meal.

        I'm searching my brain cells for dessert suggestions and can't come up with any, but all I can say is in numerous visits there I've never been disappointed with any aspect of a meal there and we do always get dessert. I think I've had a very good creme brulee there, as well as some sort of banana tart perhaps?

        1. Bellyworth had the warm Chocolate cake.. Yummers!!! Try a Monday Night they have a prefixed menu that you could chose and its reasonable priced (well for JiRaffe it is)

          1. unlike all the PPs, I prefer upstairs- quieter....

            get the lemon souffle!!!! and the molten chocolate cake

            and the blood orange martini

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              I agree - the upstairs is much quieter and less hustle and bustle. As for dessert, the chocolate cake is superb, and I've always been a fan of their banana creme pie / tart.