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Nov 4, 2005 02:01 PM

White truffle butter ?

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does anybody know where I can find White truffle butter ?

thanks !

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    Robert Lauriston

    Absinthe does a cold cracked crab with warm truffle butter.

    To make your own, just melt butter at as low temperature as possible and stir in white truffle oil to taste.

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      thank you for your answer.

      any idea where I can buy pre-made white truffle butter ? I found this on the net (see link) but I am not comfortable buying butter from amazon (of all places!)



      1. re: Jerry
        Oakland Barb

        The Pasta Shop in Rockridge makes their own truffle butter beginning about this time of the year. It's quite aromatic. Not all white truffle, but I think it's good and the price is reasonable.

        1. re: Jerry
          Robert Lauriston

          I'd avoid buy packaged truffle butter, it's way too perishable. Someplace like Pasta Shop that makes it fresh would be OK.

          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            If you keep it refridgerated there is no issue....

          2. re: Jerry
            Joan Kureczka

            I like D'Artagnan's products a lot, including their truffle butter. But I'd order it directly from them. I have also occasionally seen it (or maybe just the black truffle butter) at Whole Foods.


        2. The pasta shop sells or has sold an italian brand, don't remember the name. It was good. Most recently I purchased some truffle salt there. Ritrovo brand. It is the most truffly (sp?) of the truffle products I have purchased (oil, butter). Its made with black truffles. It is really potent, very good stuff. The Pasta Shop is on 4th Street in Berkeley.

          They take "40 grams of black summer truffle from Abruzzi, air–dry it, crush it and combine it with Italian sea salt," wrote Amanda Hesser in the New York Times.

          "Its aroma skews more closely to real truffle than any truffle oil, truffle butter or truffle honey I've come across."

          I agree.

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          1. re: sensi63
            Robert Lauriston

            That's a bizarre claim. Black truffles are prized more for their flavor than their aroma, which is very different from the aroma of white truffles, which have a strong aroma when fresh, lose it quickly, and are flavorless.

            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              Go check it out at the pasta shop and let me know what you think. The aroma is so strong you can smell it through the jar even before you open it.

          2. Last year I wanted something special for Christmas dinner, so I ordered some white truffles from Oregon. Incredible is all I can say. Plus they send them to you and after you are happy then you pay. Might be a bit better than truffle butter, the aroma was undescribable.


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            1. re: Swarthog

              Oregon truffes (Tuber gibbosum & T. oregonense) are interesting, but they're not nearly as as aromatic as real Italian white truffles (T. magnatum Pico).

              1. re: Robert Lauriston

                We got some stunning Oregon whites from Far West Fungi a month ago. Yes, they're different from Italian whites, but when they're correctly handled I think they are equally aromatic. I'm reasonably confident in my comparison, because I've had white truffles at a number of truffle dinners (Delfina, Olivetto, etc.) here in the bay area, and then recently had my best Italian white experience in Italy, just before eating the Oregon whites, and they were pretty darn good. Cheap, too.

                I have to say though that the variation I've encountered in Oregon whites is huge, but considering the low price I don't mind too much.

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              1. Fabrique Delices makes good truffle butters, white and balck, in addition to their line of charcuterie. You can find the butters at Gourmet Corner in San Mateo.

                The Fabrique Delices stand at the San Mateo Farmers' Market on Wednesdays and Saturdays at the College of San Mateo usually has the butters, too. They sell for $10 apiece. (I think the Gourmet Corner sells them at around $8-9.)


                The Gourmet Corner
                873 N San Mateo Drive, San Mateo, CA 94401