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Jun 10, 2007 06:45 PM

Anyone tried "Il Sogno" in Fanwood?

Although I drive by there at least a couple of times a months, for the first time I realized today that there is an Italian place on the south side of South Avenue between Fanwood and Netherwood called "Il Sogno". It is somewhat hidden in an almost residential looking building and certainly is not trying to be very noticable.
On the first glance it looked like another mom-and-pop pizza place. However, when I stopped the car and looked a little more, it actually looked like a real restaurant. And they do have their own website which seems pretty decent, although it does not have a true menu there.
There is this perception that NJ has all these "best kept secret" type neighborhood Italian place with outstanding food, great service and low prices. I have been trying to find some of these but with limited success so far. The only one I would categorize as such closed a few years ago.
Is Il Sogno such a place? I was wondering if somebody had been to Il Sogno and would recommend it.

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  1. I've never been, however, one of my friends that lives in Fanwood and has her whole life knows the place and has told me it's "average". If you go, let us know how it is. I've never been tempted to try it.

    BTW, if you go a bit further down South Avenue, just past the border of Fanwood into Plainfield (just past Terrill Road) there is someplace which is worth eating at. Freshwaters is a cajun/creole restaurant. Food is really great, lovely atmosphere, very friendly service. All of the entrees are cooked to order. There is NOTHING like this food anywhere around here that I know of.

    1. What a horrible website!!! I would be a little iffy if I were you. Let someone else be the "sucker". Who knows, maybe I am wrong!

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      1. We've eaten in "both sides" of the restaurant. When you walk in, you enter the pizza side. We've had wonderful pizza there, and mediocre pizza. I'd rather drive to Kennilworth to go to Capri. When you walk to the right, through the interior door,you enter the "restaurant". It's small (5 or six tables if I remember correctly) and the food was good. The ingredients were fresh. I remember it being a little better than Lorenzo's in Garwood, BUT definitely NOT a best kept secret. Oh, and I forgot, oncw when we were eating pizza there, someone was smoking, We asked them to stop and they went outside, but the mgt. made no effort to stop them.

        1. BTW, we happened to be driving by last night on our way to Blockbuster and it seemed to be out of business. It was only 8:45pm - can't imagine it was closed for the evening already on a Friday night. It certainly had a very "dead" look to it.

          1. Yes it was that hidden secret type place with huge portions and homey atmosphere. However, Il Sogno (the Dream in Italian) was too much a secret and is now closed, sorry.

            For reasonably priced italian food in a much nicer atmosphere try Cosimos in Westfield.