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Jun 10, 2007 06:21 PM

[SEA] Downtown recs (I'm on an expense acct!)

I'm traveling to Seattle tomorrow and have a decent per diem ($42). I've got b/l covered with work obligations, but I'm on my own for dinner. I'm staying in the vicinity of Seneca and 6th Ave. and want some recs. I am down with anything as long as it's well-prepared and a fine example of what SEA has to offer. My gut drives me, so please offer directions accordingly.

Chew Toy

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  1. Chew Toy, As a Chowhound, you have several excellent destinations within walking distance. Since you're dining alone, I suggest the bar at The Palace Kitchen. Staff is great, food is good and you'll meet other, interesting Chowhounds. My second suggestion would be the upstairs bar at Maximillien's At The Market. Order the mussels, bread and a glass of wine. Then imagine you're with the Lewis & Clark expedition and you've just found great French food in the wild's of the West. Just don't tell where you found it.

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    1. re: Leper

      Has anyone been to Boka? or what about Earth & Ocean? I've not eaten dinner at either, so I can't comment.

      I only point these out because generally when I travel alone for work, I like places that have a lively bar and, I hate to admit, a tv somewhere. I don't think the W (E&O) has a tv, but it certainly has a lively bar.

      Maximillien's is great, but for dinner alone? That bar tends to be dead and the restaurant tends to be setup for romantic dinners. It is close to alibi room though.

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        Skip BOKA. It's just not good. Zig Zag has a much better bar and better food. Food not as good as Union, but better cocktails and a better vibe at the bar.

    2. The bar at Union is also another great place to eat. Union is on the corner of 1st and Union.

      You're not that far from the International District. Tamarind Tree is a fun vietnamese restaurant.

      Where are you traveling from? That's always helpful to know when making recommendations.

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      1. re: Lauren

        Thanks for the ideas! I'm looking forward to it trying 'em out, and I'll be sure to report back.

        Lauren, I'm coming from Portland (but I just moved here from San Francisco, and am still a SF girl at heart -- and in stomach!).

        1. re: Chew Toy

          all good suggestions. I would add (if you don't want to walk more than a block) Tulio for Italian, Barolo (further walk but more trendy Italian), Chez Shea for a decent tasting menu (which will exceed your per diem though) or a la carte, and (if you are willing to taxi) Nishino for omakase or Crush for New American (oops Crush is closed Mondays)

          1. re: barleywino


            I am willing to taxi and walk as far as I must for the good eats -- and even spend above my per diem. I love a good omakase and haven't had much good sushi since moving to PDX (partially my own fault), so that may just be the ticket.

            1. re: Chew Toy

              If you're doing omakase at Nishino, ask the hostess if you can sit in front of Mori-san (tall skinny guy with mostly shaved head) who imo does a better job than Kazu-san (heavier guy with buddha-like features). Best of all would be an omakase from Tatsu Nishino himself but that opportunity rarely presents itself ;)