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Jun 10, 2007 06:15 PM

Acolon - the best German red wine...where to buy?

I brought back a couple bottles of red wine last year in Germany. One was the red grape "acolon" and it was the best bottle ever! Has anyone heard of it or know where to buy it? I am located in Boston. Thanks!!

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  1. I've never been able to find a good, or any, German red wine here (New York City). Whenever I see a new wine store, I ask if they carry any "Spaetburgunder," Germany's pinot noir. But no luck to date. Some Austrian reds here and there, but no Germans.

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      I've enjoyed a few good Spateburgunders and also some interesting Lembergers. We get a few bottles of the former, and maybe 1 of the latter, in AZ. I've never had an Acolon though. Thanks to Carswell for the info on it.


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        Go to Bottle Rocket in NYC. They carry a lovely, lean and aromatic (and cheap) German Pinot Noir.

      2. The grape is a fairly recent cross (1971) of Dornfelder x Lemberger. Not a lot is grown though it's gaining in popularity (less than 50 ha planted at the turn of the century, 428 ha in 2006). Main production areas are the Pfalz, W├╝rttemberg, Rheinhessen and Franken. No producers appear to be listed in Brook's *The Wines of Germany* or on the Web pages I visited. You might try googling the name, visiting the listed pages, indentifying producers and then using wine search engines to see if anyone carries it. You can also contact the producers and ask if their Acolon wines are exported to the States and, if so, who the agent is. My WAG would be that it makes it to this side of the pond only in suitcases.

        1. You won't find Acolon easily. The reviews I've read say it's similar in taste to Lemberger.

          Do you remember the winery? I can help further if you have that name.

          There are only a few producers -- most come from the W├╝rttemberg region.
          Write the wineries below and ask who their US importer is, if any. You can
          always order directly from the winery.

          Weingut Graf von Bentzel-Sturmfeder

          Weingut Medinger

          Nordheimer -- do a Google search

          Here is a list of German Wine Importers, a couple of them are in CT:

          Also, write the German Wine Society at

          Finally, the German wine store Huechelberg-Kellerei has a good online catalog and pictures of a few Acolon selections. Perhaps seeing the label will jog your memory of the winery.


          Hope you find it. Wouldn't that be great? Let us know.

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            1. I agree the "Acolon" is one of the best German wines! I had a chance to try one last week :).
              I enjoyed it with a few good friends it did turn out to be a long evening! Although my favorite German red wine is still the Dornfelder McEdition No 1 the Acolon has found a space in my cellar!

              Trevor McCallin