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Jun 10, 2007 05:43 PM

Indian Food

What's everyone's favorite place for Indian cuisine?

I've been to Chutney's on 15th and Cedars. What's the "Go To" place?

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  1. As always, I will stand by Bengal Tiger. I've eaten at pretty much every Indian restaurant in Seattle and this is far and away better than any of them. The curries are absolute ambrosia and I don't think I've ever ordered anything I didn't like (my favorites are the malai kofta and the potato dumplings in a curried garlic sauce). I DO recommend going for dinner rather than lunch though. I've almost always had a poorer (not bad, but not up to par with dinner) experience with the food at lunch.
    Mmmmm...Indian food threads make me hungry!

    1. I like roti on Queen Anne Ave. It's ok for lunch (buffet) but very good for dinner. There's also one in fremont that I like, but can't seem to remember the name (and google maps is no help).

      I'll have to try Bengal Tiger as mentioned below.

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          I went to Roti for lunch recently, after a long time. The food was as poor as I'd remembered, and s-a-l-t-y! I liked my recent visit to Qazi's in Fremont for lunch buffet, as well as the Indian joint in downtown Ballard. Jewel of India on University Ave. (nr 50th) is pretty good, but nearby Bombay Grill seems to have gone from fair to poor.

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            the Fremont restaurant is Qazi's and it is right on Leary Way on the outskirts of Fremont toward Ballard.

          2. Taste of India (all of cedars' food is actually brought from Taste via minivan. There isn't a full kitchen), and if you want something that is ACTUALLY spicy Anita's Bistro. and I am a big fan of India bistro

            1. We used to like Banjara at the top of Queen Anne but it has closed. Anyone know if they reopened in a new location?

              There a many good spots in Redmond for lunch I hear.

              1. This place in a strip mall called Mayuri, it's really close to Microsoft but has a Bellevue address:

                The dosas are awesome.