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Jun 10, 2007 05:35 PM

bridal shower for 30

I am baking the desserts for a bridal shower that is 3 hours away on a sunday morning. so I need baked goods that can be done (or mostly done) the night before, and hold up in the car. I've always served in my home, so travel wasn't an issue. I am thinking cupcakes instead of big cakes for easy service, and its trendy now. but I need help- what else should I make that will withstand an overnight sit and a 3 hour cartrip. chowhounds, help!

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  1. I think Cupcakes is a great idea. What I've seen at several bakeries and a few supermarkets is an arrangement of cupcakes which is then frosted like a cake. Picture a couple dozen cupcakes arranged on a tray into a circle, then the tops frosted together as thought was one height challenged cake...

    Another idea is to make petit fours, or, if you're doing a whole cake, use fondant instead of frosting. The fondant will seal the cake, keeping it from getting stale overnight, and it will travel better than a buttercream frosting. You can make fondant or gumpaste decorations and for travel, place them on toothpicks wedged into a foam block, then stabilize the block in the car...perhaps in a box and then strap the box win with a seatbelt.

    1. brownies are always a good bet. and chocolate dipped coconut macaroons are quick and easy but look fancy and time intensive.

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        same with chocolate covered strawberries - or make sugar cookies with cute cookie cutters and dip in choc or white choc for a finished look that takes less time than actually decorating.

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          i would recommend against chocolate covered strawberries, they dont last well especially overnight.

      2. If you have a fondue pot, you could also throw together a fondue when you get there very easily.

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          Thanks everyone for your advice. I really appreciate it.

        2. Hi DCish! Here are some ideas:

          Our local gourmet grocer is having their only sale (during the month of June) right now. I can assure you that

          (1) ANYTHING they have is as good as homemade, and I do NOT say that lightly. Here are their bakery sale items: You can have your dessert(s) shipped and mark that off your list. (and I love to bake, so I promise you that this will not have an icky-store-bought-taste
          )(2) love cupcakes ideas! do something a little different like red-velvet cupcakes or carrot cake cupcakes with buttercream icing. or another cake and ice it with Tiffany-blue icing... something to just make them standout
          (3) white chocolate-dipped rice crispie treats (you can put these on a decorative stick and make them even more special)
          (4) go for a multi-tiered cake, frosted, and held together with dowels and serve each tier to make up for the # of guests you are serving
          (5) Alton Brown's sugar cookie recipe + royal frosting. - make sure you roll the dough extra thick and after frosting, refrigerate the decorated cookies to make the royal frosting "set". These are delicious and easy!
          Decorate them with some gorgeous cookie decorations
          (6) love the idea above re: maccaroons. reminds me of my Grandmamma! they are alway a hit!

          1. How about a crumb coffee cake? It tastes better the next day and it's easy to transport. There's a terrific recipe for one in The Best Recipe.

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              The Outrageous Brownies and Pecan Bars from The Barefood Contessa travel exceptionally well and should be made the night before for ease in cutting. Her Coconut Cupcake recipe is great and could be made the night before. I love the chocolate dipped macaroon idea posted above.