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Looking for Budvar beer?

I'm looking for Budweiser Budvar, which is a Checkosovakian beer which has no relation to the Anheiser-Busch beer called Budweiser. According to wikipedia, it is now marketed in the U.S., though it may be called Czeckvar here. Anyone in the bay area carry this? Thanks.

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  1. I *think* I saw it in the new products section at Trader Joe's.

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      I am wrong, the new beer at TJ's is called like "Bvµrsk" or something. I didn't see Budvar on the regular beer aisle at the San Carlos location.

    2. Weimax Wines & Spirits has this beer
      1178 Broadway

      1. It's a Czech beer, made just outside of Prague. I'm hoping the correct spelling will help your search.

        1. I've seen it at most of the Trader Joe's in the San Francsico Area.

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            Along these lines, does anyone know where to find an Australian beer - Toohey's Extra Dry (TED)? Haven't been able to locate it. Thanks.

          2. Trader Jo's and Beverage and More both carry it. Its been a while since I've had it but it is a great drink - belive they dropped the budweiser part of the name due to pressure from Anheiser-Busch, odd seeing as they were brewing the stuff before US Budwiser was a twinkle in anyones eye.

            1. Budvar, from Ceske Budejovice, is the original Budweiser. (There have been a bunch of entertaining lawsuits about the name, and Budweiser had to be called "Bud" in Europe for many years. Anheiser Busch tried winning favor by building community centers in Ceske Budejovice, and I believe an agreement was eventually struck.) Budvar is not a great Czech beer. Prazdroj is a much better one, if you can find it. Best of all is Velke Popovicke Kozel, but you'll have to get yourself to the Czech Republic for that, I imagine.

              When American beers were lousy, it was probably worth seeking out great European ones. But at this point, you can get American -- and even local, northern California -- beers that are just as good. Drink locally, I say.

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                hello, I concur and consider Trumer Pils made in the E.Bay to be a good rendition of medium bodied pilsner. cheers

              2. Any Trader Joe has it ( and by the way it is Czech beer, not "Chekoslovakian"- since the coubntry split some time ago)

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                  Even before the country split in 1993, there was no such thing as a "Checkosovakian" beer. The country was Czechoslovakia.

                2. Cafe Prague is a cute little Czech place on Pacific at Kearny. They might serve Budvar.


                  1. First of all, thanks to everyone for the advice. I did find Czechvar at Trader Joes last night.

                    According to Wikipedia, Anheiser Busch Budweiser predates Budvar:

                    "Anheuser-Busch started using the Budweiser brand in 1876 and registered it two years later -- more than 19 years before Budějovický Budvar (brewer of Budvar) was established in 1895" (from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Budvar).

                    According to the budvar brewery website, they market the beer as "Czechvar" in the US due to trade disputes:

                    "In 2002 Budweiser Budvar managed to enter, after 62 years, the market in the USA and Canada where, due to trademark legal disputes with the American company Anheuser-Busch it exports its original premium lager under the brand name of Czechvar. " (from http://www.budvar.cz/en/web/O-firme/D...).

                    Frankly I'm surprised that two people commented on my misspelling/misnaming. A learning experience for me.

                    Thanks again!


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                      By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS
                      Published: June 13, 2007
                      A European Union high court upheld several Anheuser-Busch trademarks and dismissed a challenge from its Czech brewing rival Budvar, the latest ruling in a century of disputes relating to the name “Budweiser.” Budejovicky Budvar asked the court to overturn 12 European Union trademark applications of the Anheuser-Busch Companies, contending they infringe on Budvar’s right under French law to the term Budweiser. The trademarks cover promotional goods including clothing, beer mats, neon signs and glassware. Budvar said it would consider an appeal after studying the verdict, which it said should have little effect on its beer business.

                    2. Here in So. Cal, Trader Joe's no longer carries Czeckvar beer as Anhauser Busch now owns the distributer rights. Trader Joe's will not buy from Anhauser Busch because the cost is now too high. I am still looking for it but suspect that Anhauser Busch plans to kill it by suppressing distribution. It is no secret that Czeckvar is exactly the same beer as European Budweiser Budvar. Incidentally, Czeckoslavokia ceased to exist several years ago after an amiable agreement to divide the country. The Czeck Republic is doing quite well economically while its other half is floundering.

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