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Jun 10, 2007 04:28 PM

Ordering PB&J at restaurants ...

.. do you?

Occasionally, I'll see a PB&J sandwich on a menu and wonder why people would ever order such a thing at a restaurant (esp. when more often than not the PB&J will be as expensive, or nearly as expensive, as the other sandwich offerings).

Reason I am curious is because it is such a simple thing to make and generally the ingredients used at a restaurant will be equal to what is used at home. Sometimes, the restaurant version will actually be inferior because some folks like to use organic or all-natural PB or some artisan-type bread, etc.

If you do order PB&J at restaurants, why do you do so?

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  1. I certainly wouldn't! Maybe for someone who has a kid who absolutely refuses point blank to eat anything else... I don't really 'get' why someone would order a house salad ('bowl'o'lettuce), or a grilled cheese sandwich either, but it's a free world!

    1. Sometimes that's about the safest thing for a vegetarian to order. If it's not a vegetarian-friendly menu and you don't feel like having a salad, it's an option.
      And if they have vegetarian tomato soup to go with it you have a tasty lunch after all!

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        It's certainly a shame that a restaurant wouldn't be able to accomodate a special request for a vegetarian diner. How hard could it be to grill or roast up some veggies ...?

        1. re: ipsedixit

          Harder than you might imagine in some places! I will never forget my experience at The Cranford Hotel (Cranford, NJ) when I ordered the "Chef's Sauteed Veggies" as an appetizer. After a very long wait, the waitress returned to the table to announce, "the chef doesn't have any vegetables to sautee". A few minutes later, she returned to tell me that I couldn't have the entree that I had ordered, namely veal and mushrooms, because they had no mushrooms. Really good management, wouldn't you say?

          Hint: If you go to that place, don't order anything other than a hamburger. Actually, I don't recommend going to that place anyway.

          1. re: ipsedixit

            You might be surprised and probably also appalled at how many restaurants have only frozen vegetables on hand, sometimes in pre-measured, pre-mixed portions. Frozen vegetables roast very, very badly.

        2. a regular old jiffy and welches PB and J no. I would not order. however If it were a "gourmet" one, with organic, crunchy PB, bananas, local jam, fresh berries, great bread....yes, I would order. Especially if toasted.

          1. I do. Sometimes it's the only vegetarian item on the menu. The same applies to the house salad (not always!) and grilled cheese. Now if they're offering house-made bread, jam, or some really interesting cheese combo in the grilled cheese I'll be quite happy!

            Why am I at a place w/out vegetarian offerings? Unfortunately I don't always have the option - work meeting, meeting a group of friends and everyone wants to try the "new" restaurant in town, only to discover there are no vegetarian items ... family members who are obtuse (I've been vegetarian for 15 years)

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            1. re: odkaty

              "family members who are obtuse" :-)

              It never ceases to amaze me that any self-respecting restaurant couldn't whip up a vegetarian pasta of some sort ...

            2. I have never ordered PB&J in a restaurant, though I might if it was made with some special ingredients (like artisanal bread or something), fully understanding that it wouldn't be the traditional experience.

              Otherwise, I could imagine some of my pickier relatives ordering PB&J in a restaurant, given how they tend to bring one to every family party.