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Jun 10, 2007 04:18 PM

anyone try the crab hut yet?

Has anyone been to crab hut on convoy yet? I haven't had a chance to go yet. I want to try it soon?

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  1. My brother went shortly after they opened. He thought it was a pretty good deal for SD, but more than he would've paid for the same when he lived in NOLA. (He also said he didn't know that would be true post Katrina, a whole other bag of worms...) He noted that they put margarine on the steamed corn, which he doesn't like, but that he was able to pour it off easily. The shrimp he ordered were fresh and well seasoned, and cooked perfectly. He said the service is informal, and he was given plastic bags to carry his food to the table. He noticed larger orders were given buckets.
    He also noted that they were blaring Vietnamese techno the entire time he was there, which was probably fun for some of the teens and twenty-somethings there, but not so fun for others. Maybe the rest of us can just dine wearing our headphones?!? I don't know that I'll go if they keep playing music at that volume. Maybe for takeout if I rush home...

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      Ughhh. The use of margarine at any shop is a bad sign... How can they?

      This major transgression nnotwithstanding, did you get a chance to try the crawdads? I was wondering if they were fresh or frozen. I'd jump at the chance of trying it out if I knew they weren't frozen, if only to relive a pleasant NOLA memory of enjoying crawdads with an ice-cold lager on a warm and humid day.

      1. So is this place vietnamese/cajun fusion style or strictly cajun?

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          Got a paper menu over the weekend.

          Crawfish $8/lb, Shrimp $9/lb King Crab legs $16/lb choose from flavors: Cajun sensation/Lemon Pepper/Garlic butter or "Full House" which it says is all flavors mixed.
          Gumbo and chicken noodle soups $6
          Sides: corn on the cob $3/lb, Sasuage $6/lb
          Entrees: Raw oysters $8 for 6, $13 for dozen
          Catfish filet w/fries $9
          Calamari $7
          Cajun Fries $4
          8 pieces freid shrimp $8
          Cajun wings w/ fries $7
          Crab Hut Rolls (5 rolls) $6

          Oh, extra condiments are 50ยข each (ranch, blue cheese, ketchu, tartar sauce, mayonnaise and butter sauce)...

          Nothing looks Vietnamese to me...

        2. I am wondering about this place also. I couldn't tell if it was supposed to be Cajun or creole or some asian style, I just saw a banner that said "live crawfish". One of the many times I stumble out of O'briens I will try to check it out.

          1. They don't spice as highly as I got used to from living in N.O. It is live crawfish, boiled fresh and then shaken in a bag with your choice of seasoning. I prefer boiling whole spices, lemons, herbs etc. when I can get live crawfish from Vien Dong some weekends. But for SD, it's the only place I know of that reliably offers live crawfish at reasonable prices.
            It's not like crawfish season used to be in N.O., where the corner shop had a flashing light to alert you when hot crawfish were ready @ .99/lb. and the street gutters were full of crawfish shells. For SD, Crab Hut is a good approximation, though.
            Like Amy said, I didn't like the margarine on the corn, but you could drain it pretty easily. The techno was awfully loud, but that may have been an opening day thing only. The owners & staff are primarily Vietnamese-American, but so is much of the fishing culture around New Orleans. So, don't be thrown off that they can't have authentic flavors.

            1. I thought everything was priced pretty reasonably. The live crawfish were a rare treat and the fried catfish is excellent. The gumbo was tasty too. They are hoping for a liquor license soon. Blue crab will be available in the next few weeks. Word's out - every table was full last Sunday for lunch.

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                According to the official sign, they will be serving beer and wine (or at least have the license for it); I imagine it may take a while.