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Cooked Chicken Breast (what to do with 'em?)

I had 3 boneless, free range chicken breasts in the fridge that had to be cooked today or else they would have gone bad. I'm short on time & energy, so I pan sauteed them in some olive oil to get them done. They will be chilled and used for meals after work this week, usually as part of a salad. If you have any other ideas, I would love to hear them -

Thanks, y'all!

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  1. Chicken burritos or tacos.

    Shred your chicken breasts. Make a sauce out of onion, garlic, tomato paste, diced tomatoes, dried and fresh chilis, cumin, salt, pepper and cilantro. Put the chicken into it and serve with beans, cheese and sour cream in tortillas.

    1. I agree with QueenB...something Mexican!!!...if you've never had pickled red onions (I never had til I tried this dish)...then please consider this dish from epicurious....and I used canned salsa verde (Herdez brand):


      OR you can try Alton Brown's Mexican casserole, also excellent...but those pickled red onions are just over the top!

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        Yes, Herdez is where its at. I make a similar dish that I learned from my abuelita, except I blend cilantro in with the salsa verde and use Oaxacan string cheese instead of Queso Chihuahua. And the red pickled onions really make the dish pop visually.

      2. Chicken-mango sandwiches: slice chicken, find some good bread, and put it together with chipotle mayo, mango, red onion and maybe a lettuce leaf.

        I think I got this from a Gourmet Everyday recipe.

        1. You can make Chinese cold noodle salad with chicken and cucumber in peanut sauce. Just julienne the chicken breast and cucumber and mix it with some peanut sauce (should be available in most grocery store ethnic ingredient section). Serve with your choice of cold noodle - traditionally it is chinese thick noodle but you can certainly do it with cold udon or even pasta like penne - with some extra peanut sauce if you want. Very refreshing for the summer!

          1. all of these ideas sound easy and delicious - i'm looking forward to trying the pickled onions. thanks again!

            1. Another possibility would be Chicken Parmasano. Just layer the chicken breasts with sliced
              mozzarella and marinara sauce in a baking dish....finish with a good handful of grated parmasano cheese. Bake in a 375* oven till the cheese is melted and everything is heated through. App. 15-ish minutes. Buon appetito!

              1. I'd make a sandwich with a raisin cinnamon bagel mayo and mustard with apple slices.

                1. If you don't mind lots of calories, then this is an indulgent one - slice the fillets into two or three horizontally, then egg and bread crumb them. Fry quickly until golden and then put them in a baquette with lots of lettuce and mayo - delicious.

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                    OMG, Theresa, that makes my mouth water! I am defrosting some breasts this week and I think it's time to go shopping for baguettes...! Thanks for the T A S T Y idea!

                  2. Modern (and lean) chicken and rice--saute some onions and garlic, then rice, add a little saffron and chicken stock, then add the diced cooked chicken meat and cook until rice is done. Red bell peppers are a very nice addition too, but they can make it very sweet which tends to mask the saffron, so use in moderation. People always love when I make this, and it's SOOO easy. I generally use the breasts from a roast chicken (we like the dark meat freshly roast) and then make the stock fresh, but the low-sodium canned works well too.

                    Great with some thinly sliced green onions on top when served.

                    I also like to use cooked breast meat to make hearty entree style risottos--currently the favorite is with dried Morrell mushrooms. I add the chicken very late in the risotto process. Very tasty and hearty...

                    1. Another mexican suggestion is quesadillas. They are so easy to make. I like to use whole wheat tortillas. You can make basic chicken and jack/cheddar cheese ones. Or add caremelized onions or leftover veggies from the fridge. Whatever you like these are so easy and tasty with some salsa and sour cream or good yogurt.

                      1. If Mexican sounds good, make Chilaquiles--if you don't know what this is, it's a basic mexican home-style food, often served for breakfast with eggs. I can eat anytime of the day. Cut up the chicken in bite size pieces. Slice up some onions and cut up some corn tortillas into bite size pieces (for one chicken breast, I would use about 6-7 tortillas). Saute the onion and tortilla pieces in a frypan with a little oil until onions are translucent and tortillas are heated through and starting to get a little brown. Toss in your chicken and pour salsa verde over the top. I like mine a little wetter, so I use a lot of salsa. Heat through, so the chicken and salsa are hot as well. Top with a little monterey jack cheese or queso fresco. Mexican Crema will help put out the fire if your salsa is too hot.
                        I make my own salsa---so have never tried to use the canned stuff. Easy to make with a tomato or two and a couple jalepenos, boil in saltwater for a few minutes and put through the blender with a little oil, a couple tablespoons of the saltwater and some adobo seasoning (salt/pepper/garlic powder will do the trick).

                        1. Chicken/Mozzerella/Sun Dried Tomatoes Panini Sandwich

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