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Jun 10, 2007 03:43 PM

the last berandin or babbo..different ..I know!

We plan on seeing "Jersey Boys" with dinner at Becco or night- Eleven Madison Park and question of the day La Bernadin or Babbo...I know it is totally opposite but we love all types of cuisine and would like your opinion!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Within your choice, other than Babbo, every one has a similar cuisine wherever you may be from. This Italian restaurant's cuisine style is not easy to find ... unless you are in Italy.

      1. I love both Babbo and Le Bernardin on different things: Babbo for their pasta, adn Le Bernardin for the seafood. Since you are going to EMP which means excellent French fine dining the night before, I will pick Babbo over Le Bernardin as you can try something different in terms of type of cuisine and atmosphere. It is likely that you will be getting a few seafood dishes prepared in contemporary French way at EMP anyway, so going for Italian and have some pasta and meaty dishes will be a great way to "diversify" your culinary experience within these few days.

        Either way, I am sure you will have a wonderful meal! Enjoy!

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          i endorse kobetobiko's comments. an over-the-top recommendation is to consider dumping emp so you can slot both babbo and le bernardin.

        2. I agree with the last post that you might want to hit Babbo since you'll be having french the night before, but I also must say that my last meal at Le Bernadin (a chef's tasting) was by far the greatest eating experience of my life to date. Without a doubt. Either way, you are in excellent hands!

          1. As someone who has eaten at both Le Bernardin and Babbo in the last week, I would vote for Babbo. Though you really can't go wrong either way, both meals were great.