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Jun 10, 2007 03:37 PM

Vegetarian options in Boone / Blowing Rock NC?

Mainly dinner -- other three in party not vege but vege friendly. Familiar with Angelica's. Price no object. Thanks in advance. Chowhounder's rock!

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  1. i know that angelica's is vegeterian for sure. but i heard that coyote kitchen has a good selection of vegeterian options. im not sure of anywhere else that has vegeterian options.

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    1. re: vttp926

      there's black cat burrito just off king st which is really good, red onion cafe right near campus has some veg stuff, it's been there a long time (over 15 years) by boone standards. for breakfast/brunch a must in boone is melanies - right by the post office on king st.

      angelica's is the best for vegan.

      in blowing rock the only place i can think of is the bistro

      i'm sure most of the nicer places can make anything veg. that's what we used to do in college. that would be my suggestion.

      1. re: scpierce

        i dont think that melanies is there anymore. because i go past king st all the time and have never seen a melanies.

        1. re: vttp926

          Melanies is still there (644 W. King St). Moon Shine, which is in the Old Jail House, might be another option. I think it's run by the same people who started Angelica's and the Coyote Kitchen, and has an emphasis on organic/local ingredients, which usually correlates to vegetarian and vegan options. I haven't been, so I can't comment on its chow-worthiness.