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Mario's Italian Deli in Westfield - Anything Happening?

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When Duke's Deli closed in Westfield about half a year ago (at the corner of South Avenue and Summit) nothing happened for a while. Then about 4 months ago signs went up "Mario's Italian Deli - Coming Soon" and again nothing happened for a long time. Eventually, I noticed construction activities were starting earlier in May and I saw people working there several times. But now in the last few weeks it got quiet again.

Does anybody know what happens there and what Mario's plans are? I certainly wouldn't mind a good authentic (if there is such a thing) Italian Deli in Westfield.

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  1. Don't know anything about Mario's (although I, too have been looking for a decent Italian deli in Westfield). In the meantime, though, have you tried Zappia's in Summit? I love their sandwiches. It's right across from the train station on Union St.

    1. Have you tried the 4th St Deli in Garwood? Family members have ordered sensational platters/subs/hot & cold salads from the deli. Mom & pop...in Garwood.

      1. On Saturday, when I walked by Mario's there was some serious construction work happening. I had a chance to briefly chat with one of Mario's brothers. Yes, there is an actual Mario. And if Mario's Italian Deli turns out even half as good as it was described to me, we will have a welcome addition to the Westfield restaurent scene. Supposedly all first generation Italian the family will have everything home-cooked and very tasty. They are targeting end of July for the opening.

        1. Some news on Mario. And I thought it would never happen.
          When I drove by the store this morning, they had removed the paper covering the windows and they were working inside. From the brief glimpse I got it looked like they had made some progress and are getting closer to the finish line.
          I'm looking forward to their grand opening.

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            With the time this is taking, this place should be beautiful and have fantastic foods. Either the landlord is very patient or the owner has very deep pockets.

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              Walls are yellow, pictures are hung, wall sconces up and the floor is mopped (saw them mopping as I drove by).

          2. I just drove by this morning. Mario's Italian Deli in Westfield is now open. It took a very long time, so I hope the quality of the food is worth it. I will try to check them out for dinner in the next few days. I'm curious to get input from other chow hounds.

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              We'll have to check it out but on the subject of Italian Deli have you been to DiCosmo's in Clark? Excellent food (and while you are there you are right by the best bagels in the area at Clark Bagel).

            2. I haven't been there yet but I have been to Massimo's on the Boulevard in Kenilworth. OMG, they make the best fresh mozz every day. Very comparable to Fiore's in Hoboken. Also have good deli meats, sausages, entrees, bread and huge subs.