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Jun 10, 2007 03:01 PM

Does anyone use a scale when baking from Dorie Greenspans cookbook?

I have made her Chocolate Chip cookies twice now and they came out greasy and flat, not at all like the picture. This latest time, I upped the flour to 9 oz. I feel I should probably up it again to 10 oz.

If anyone bakes by weighing their ingredients, would you please post the ounces you use for these particular cookies? Especially if they come out looking like they do in the picture in her book.

The first time I baked these, I did the sweep and scoop version of measuring and that sure didn't work.

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  1. on an egullet thread of people who cooked from the dorie greenspan book, dorie posted and gave the weight equivalent of her flour volume measurement. I think (???) it was 4.5 oz/cup, but i'm not sure. You may want to go to egullet and look for it.

    (Yes, I realize this suggests that there is some other problem with her ccc recipe other than the flour amount.)

    1. Here's what Dorie said on eGullet:

      I'm a dip-and-sweep-er -- that's the method I used for the recipes in the book. I always aerate the flour before I dip and -- I just measured -- the weight is 4.8 ounces or... about 5 ounces. Hope this helps -- Dorie