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Jun 10, 2007 02:56 PM

sweet 16 dinner rec's

Looking for a unique venue, something with a twist, to entertain 8-10 16 year old girls form central nj.

we live in e. brunswick area and will travel within a 30 minute circle.... we don't want to go to ny, as we have the day already planned with the girls and are looking for something fun, moderately priced, which might grab their attention. Thanks in advance

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  1. Type of food? I assume nothing too fancy.

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      Actually, these girls are tres sophisticated, love good food, and are open minded to different cuisines... just looking for someplace "fun" with some sort of twist to it.... like amazing desserts, or fun atmosphere... moderately priced....

    2. Just a thought, but what about downtown Freehold? All those restaurants you can eat outside? My favorite is El Meson..Mexican..but if you prefer:

      Federici's (pizza type place)

      Metropolitan Cafe (more of an older crowd, though)

      I laways see teenagers with their families dinning outside and they all look like they love it! Plenty of other kids, too!

      Or you could go to Red Bank:

      The Bistro. After walk around, look at the shops (how overpriced everything is), trendy little area.

      Have fun! be 16 again!!!

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        I agree with Angelina about Red Bank but would suggest Teak instead. I believe they have tables to handle your group size. Good Luck.

      2. We took my granddaughter and about 12 friends to the Manor for the lunch buffet. We all liked it very much and the grounds are really nice. And for $22 a head it is a great deal.

        1. Like Angelina, my first thought was the outdoor patio at El Meson.

          How about 7 Hills of Istanbul, in Highland Park? Sharing a bunch of mezzes is always fun, and the place has kitchy decor.

          Maybe a Chinese banquet? They're always fun and festive. I did one a few years ago at Sunny Gardens. But if you have a favorite Chinese restaurant, they would probably do one for you.

          There are a couple of excellent Thai restaurants: Thai Chili, in Spotswood; and our new favorite, Thai Thai, in Old Bridge.

          While Red Bank would be fun to walk around, it is more than 30 minutes from E. Bruns.

          1. Is there any specific cuisine you're interested in? For that kind of crowd I might go with a family style chinese or Korean joint.

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              how about a fun sushi/hibachi dinner @ pier village. they have a decent sushi place there, it is a chain and the name escapes me. also pier village has some fun shops to walk around at.

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                  YES, sawa. i had a sushi lunch there. was decent, kinda small portions. I think it would be suitable, and fun, for this type of event.