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Jun 10, 2007 02:42 PM

Tomoe Sushi-The real deal?

Hey so what is the real deal? is it worth the hype was it once better? Or is it like the neighboring Lupa and all hype?

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  1. Tomoe sushi is really for people who enjoy BIG pieces of sushi or fish and pay little attention to freshness of the fish. It wasn't good before, I am just not sure it has turned worse. To get great fresh sushi, you are better off going to Yasuda, Kuruma Zushi, or Ushiwamaru. The first two are more expensive while the last one is very reasonably priced

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      how bout sushi seki? kobetobiko do u like omakase with them? i almost went, but had to cancel. shall i return?

      1. re: jsmitty

        Hi jsmitty,

        I did try Sushi Seki's omakase, but it was at least two years ago so I am not sure if things have changed. As a recall, the style was very "Gari" - new style with sauces (e.g. sesame soy, basil, etc) or toppings (e.g. jalapeno slices) or fish being grilled or torched before serving as nigiri sushi. I am partial to new style, but Seki was one of the better ones because the fish of the sushi were of very good quality.

        Compare to Gari, I think Gari was better tastewise as I think the fish quality was overall higher at Gari. However, Gari was more expensive in my experience. I still prefer the traditional form of sushi in general.

        If compare to Tomoe, then Sushi Seki was miles better. They are not of the same league.

    2. Tomoe used to be good, and then got mediocre. The appeal of it was that it was less than $30 for lunch and good sushi. Yasuda and those other places are great, and greatly expensive. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find a place as affordable as Tomoe with sushi as good as it used to be.

      1. Agreed with others - it's total hype. Maybe it used to be good, but it hasn't been good in a long time. Neither is it inexpensive. Actually, it's very expensive.

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          I used to go to Tomoe years ago before the lines started. It was a great place with excellent sushi for a moderate price. Nothing more. However, once word of it got out, it went downhill quickly. The hype got built up to an inane level and they seem to realize that most people are coming because of the hype. The way I hear it now is that regulars still get the best cuts as a "reward" for their patronage. But if you're there for the first time (or if they don't recognize you), then you'll just get the normal stuff.

          The last time I went was with an out-of-towner who had heard about it. We waited in line for almost an hour, got seated in a cramped corner, and had sushi that was slightly better than the all-you-can-eat-place nearby. We got the check almost the second I put the last piece of sushi into my mouth. It's kind of sad that a place I used to go to on a fairly regular basis has become almost a tourist trap. At the same time, with the new prices, there's pretty much nothing that distinguishes Tomoe anymore.

        2. not the real deal AT ALL. never was the real deal. and it has a lot more in common with lupa than any of the great sushi counters in nyc.

          1. I'll second kobetobiko's opinion on Tomoe & Ushiwamaru.

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              I haven't been there in 2 years, but I do love sushi, and I loved Tomoe for the toro and fatty yellowtail. A couple of the prepared toro appetizers were also good. It wasn't just that it was cheap and big pieces. The fish there is a hell of a lot better than, say, Monster Sushi, which also has big pieces, though isn't as cheap. I'll go back sometime and I'm sure I'll enjoy it. They're sometimes open for lunch, and it's usually not as crowded.