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Jun 10, 2007 02:17 PM

Dinner in Columbus, Ohio???

I will be in Columbus, Ohio on biz for my birthday and looking for a hip, upscale, place for dinner. Creative, fresh food, great wine list, independently owned. is there such a thing?

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  1. You have several places to choose from. I'd suggest Alana's (2333 N High St).

    1. Columbus is heavy on chains (including the locally based Cameron Mitchell empire), but there are places that fit your bill. I love Alana's, as suggested by Kura Kura (that is a bit north of OSU). I was pretty wowed by Basi Italia -- a tiny place on a tiny alley in the Short North area, where we feasted on some wonderful pasta dishes in a cozy and fun environment that did not feel like Columbus. Both places have a respectable wine selection. A few other suggestions: L'Antibes and Rigsby's (both in Short North), G. Michael (German Village).

      1. I would try Rosendale's in the Short North. I went there recently and the food was beautiful and creative and really tasty. The wine list was reasonable and they also had a lot of half bottles. It is very hip and the decor is great. The chef is the former executive chef of the Greenbrier. I was really wowed.

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          Though it is part of the Cameron Mitchell "empire," the newly-opened Marcella's in the Short North has a very nice vibe, good food and a nice wine list. Reservations are essential till the hype abates. If you like fish, RJ Snapper's in the Short North is reliable. Nice decor. Can't remember the wine list...Strong seconds on Alana's (her wine list is incredible and VERY well-priced), L'Antibes, Rigsby's, Rosendales...and I'd add Lindey's in German Village (they are part of the Brio/Bravo group but the location in German Village is the original, and it is fabulous). Sit on the patio. Also consider Barcelona in German Village, which also has a lovely, romantic patio. I must also offer up Indian Oven in the Market Exchange District just west of downtown. It's a very cool space and the food is consistently delicious. Finally, I've not eaten at the Bar of Modern Art, but the space and vibe are hot, hot, hot. You could do well for yourself by eating at Indian Oven first and then travelling the few blocks to BOMA for a cocktail and dancing.

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            Thanks for the rec. on Marcella's. The menu looks great, and I've made a reservation for an upcoming trip to Columbus. I'm not opposed to Cameron's places -- in fact I've had some pretty awesome meals at a few of them. But they certainly do have a corporate "feel." I'm also looking forward to trying Rosendale's, as suggested by Lauren. Their menu also looks fantastic.

            1. re: ClevelandRandy

              I took a group of 6 to Marcella's last Monday. It was impressively busy for a Monday night. Drinks and food were reasonably priced. The menu is perfect for a group of that size. We just kept ordering various pizzas, pastas and small plates until we were full. I wouldn't describe any of the food as high-end fine dining, but everything was in the "B-plus" range and it was certainly a fun experience. I would definitely go back.