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Jun 10, 2007 02:16 PM

Versailles - still great? Favorite locations?

Might be heading out to L.A. soon and a recent post on the Homecooking board reminded me of how much I used to love Versailles when I lived there. But that was a long time ago (I can't really believe HOW long, actually).

Is it still as good as it used to be? Is it worth a drop-in during my visit?

Btw, if anyone out there has a recipe for their chicken marinade, do check out that thread on the Homecooking board. The OP is looking for the recipe and I'd like to see him/her get it.


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  1. Their garlic chicken is still delicious. We used to go to the one on La Cienega every week. Time for another visit!

    1. I stopped going years ago after about four bad meals in a row: dry, rubbery roast chicken; clumpy yellow rice that tasted heated-over from days before; fossilized bread. My friends were also experiencing a rash of bad meals there, too, beginning about five or six years ago; some wrote it off years earlier. Versailles seems to have become another place that was famous more for its reputation and longevity than for actually having good food, which is sad. (See also: Canter's, The Pantry, El Coyote, Miceli's, etc.) Of course, my friends all float their own Cuban favorites, and everyone else shoots them down:

      "I love El Floridita!" "El Floridita sucks!" "The Cuban place is Little Tokyo is the best!" "Are you high? That place is awful!" "I like Café Tropical." "They're not nearly as good as Porto's." "Porto's is just a bakery!" And so on.

      If Versailles has turned their act around, or if the Venice Blvd. location is any better than the La Cienega one, I'd be glad to know.

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        I used to go to the one on Venice Blvd. about 1x per month. I don't think the food is as good as it used to be and the last few times that I have recently gone there, I have reminded myself not to go back again. The thought is better than the reality. Used to love the garlic chicken but for some reason, doesn't taste the same as it used to...

        1. re: handlertaper

          If I had to guess which Versailles branch has the freshest, best quality food, I'd put my money on the Universal CityWalk location, just because of the nature of their operation (walk-up window with high turnover).

        2. re: Woolsey

          Lately (like in the last month), judging from the #1 pork plate and a similar-sauced thing done with beef, the Venice Blvd. location is way better. I've been to a Valley location and the Hermosa Beach one and there are worlds of difference.

          Maybe they went through some lull? I really really enjoyed the food the last couple times at the Venice spot and it was nowhere near dry - all was quite perfecto.

        3. Go to the one in Manhattan Beach (on Sepulveda Boulevard). You'll never have to wait. And yes, get the garlic chicken.

          1. I still love the one on La Cienega. You gotta take it for what it is. A dive restaurant with some good food. Yes, there are maybe better Cuban restaurants and yes, there may be better service but we're talking about Versailles and I love their food and I personally don't mind their service. You get what you pay for and they're not robbing the bank by feeding you. Not sure about other locations. We tend to go back here every 2-3 weeks and don't plan on stopping anytime soon.