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Jun 10, 2007 02:01 PM

traders point creamery in indianapolis

anyone been? advice? do they still serve brunches?

it looks like an interesting place to add onto our indy visit and isn't far from where we're staying.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Awesome place, great cheeses, dairy, ice cream. BIG advocates for sustainability, biodynamics, organics and Slow Food. Wonderful farmers' market too with organic buffets every week.

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      1. re: Devotay

        thank you! i hope they still do a brunch - i suppose it's gonna be me not lazily relying on the internet and actually calling them ;0)

        it's always great to get tips from locals instead of having to rely on the actual business' recs.

        1. re: hitachino

          They always come to our local Farmers' Market (in Bloomington), and offer lots of samples. I don't know what they're currently doing on their home turf, however. I suspect that tomorrow (when she's finished with her local Slow Food commitment), myplateoryours will post on this and she will have the definitve answer.

      2. Brunch during the winter months and dinner buffet Friday nights on the deck. They do have a lunch menu - it's not very extensive, but I do love their cheese appetizer platter - mmmmm

        1. You should definitely go. It's a great place.


          their website with all of the pertinent details.

          1. Gosh, and here I am -- how sad to be so predictable. :)

            Traders Point is a wonderful place -- and they are even doing Saturday dinners now in the Cafe, 6-9:00. Brunch is just in the winter, I think, but they do lunch on Sat.and Sun. Their cheeses/ice creams/grassfed beef and oh-my-God their chocolate milk are all spectacular. GO!