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traders point creamery in indianapolis

anyone been? advice? do they still serve brunches?

it looks like an interesting place to add onto our indy visit and isn't far from where we're staying.

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  1. Awesome place, great cheeses, dairy, ice cream. BIG advocates for sustainability, biodynamics, organics and Slow Food. Wonderful farmers' market too with organic buffets every week.

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      thank you! i hope they still do a brunch - i suppose it's gonna be me not lazily relying on the internet and actually calling them ;0)

      it's always great to get tips from locals instead of having to rely on the actual business' recs.

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        They always come to our local Farmers' Market (in Bloomington), and offer lots of samples. I don't know what they're currently doing on their home turf, however. I suspect that tomorrow (when she's finished with her local Slow Food commitment), myplateoryours will post on this and she will have the definitve answer.

    2. Brunch during the winter months and dinner buffet Friday nights on the deck. They do have a lunch menu - it's not very extensive, but I do love their cheese appetizer platter - mmmmm

      1. You should definitely go. It's a great place.



        their website with all of the pertinent details.

        1. Gosh, and here I am -- how sad to be so predictable. :)

          Traders Point is a wonderful place -- and they are even doing Saturday dinners now in the Cafe, 6-9:00. Brunch is just in the winter, I think, but they do lunch on Sat.and Sun. Their cheeses/ice creams/grassfed beef and oh-my-God their chocolate milk are all spectacular. GO!

          1. I've been for lunch on a weekday and had some wonderful lentil soup. We also purchased some yogurt in glass bottles - it was delicious.
            I need to get back to try their ice cream. I couldn't stay long, but it looks like an interesting place to spend a couple of hours. Beautiful setting.

            1. Sorry to detour a bit, but my son is a student at Rose in Terre Haute, and interesting chow is a family passion, both for eating out or cooking in. You are obviously a locally-informed group. If you have any thoughts on where to go or what to seek out west of Indianapolis I would greatly appreciate it! We've read and benefited from past threads, but I agree with hitachino that current and local are invaluable!

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                Can't really help you as far west as Terre Haute but I will recommend Charbonos in Avon as a nice steakhouse. I like the Mayberry Cafe in Brownsburg. But I don't really get much farther west.

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                  Thanks so much for your recommendations! I will get out my map and check them out.

              2. After reading this post, we decided to give it a try for dinner this past Saturday when we came to town for the Formula 1 race.
                We had a great time and really enjoyed everything. This is not high gourmet dining, but basic restaurant fare, done in a fine and organic fashion.

                A nice warm summer night with lots of daylight made the barn loft truly welcoming and charming.

                As for the food, we had the mixed greens salad with balsamic vinaigrette and a Thai-flavored corn bisque.

                For the mains, we had a margherita pizza and the veal marsala. The pizza was on a nice medium thick crust with nice cheese and basil.

                The veal was incredibly creamy and tender. I'm hoping because they try to get organic ingredients that this veal was humanely raised. The marsala sauce was nicely flavored. The side of angel hair pasta had a very nice texture.

                For dessert, we both had a plate of ice cream; vanilla and blackberry; and chocolate and strawberry. Very good ice cream. Not super duper rich, but nicely flavored.

                Also had a glass of milk to drink with the meal. Nice and rich. Their brochure says that because the milk is not homogenized, it's better for those who are lactose intolerant. I can vouch for that, with my mild form of intolerance.

                All the dishes were good executions of relatively simple concepts. The corn bisque had the most complex flavors, with a bit of curry, basil, and lemongrass flavoring the corn bisque. They try to use completely organic ingredients sourced mostly locally.

                The only dish we didn't get to try that I was curious about was the cheese plate. They offer a fromage blanc and a fromage de la terre (their artisan style cheese).

                Presentation is simple. White linen tablecloths and flowers in milk bottles. Service is very friendly.

                The dining room is in the converted hayloft of the farmhouse. The exposed wood beams and lofty roof make a perfect setting for the smartly designed stainless steel dairy bar and the cheese aging room.

                After dinner, we wandered around the grounds where you could see the cows grazing and the chickens roaming the field around a small coop.

                If you're interested in trying their products, they had a map showing where their products are stocked. In Indianapolis, local supermarkets such as Marsh carry their goods, while it looks like their goods go as far as the Whole Foods in Philadelphia. Looks like they've hooked up with much of the Whole Foods network from St Louis to Minneapolis to Chicago all the way through to Philly.

                www.traderspointcreamery.com for hours as well as the latest menu.
                NW part of the Indy metro area .

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                  I do not know this, but Traders Point Creamery sells grass finished beef and I would assume if they were serving veal that it was their own or from another local farm like Swiss connection, in which case it was free-range and organic. Glad to hear it was so good. I haven't been up to the Saturday night dinner -- maybe next week!

                2. They DO serve brunch in the summer months, on Sundays. Their crepes are fantastic, their eggs are to die for (and I'm not really a big egg eater). Waffles are good--but I'd recommend getting something with eggs or milk or something that comes fresh from their farm.

                  They have a pizza night on Wednesdays--fresh cheese, herbs and meats.

                  Even for those who aren't so into the organic thing or Slow Food, it's FANTASTIC.

                  The cheese plate is wonderful. Really unique, fresh cheeses with fabulous crackers. I know this sounds ridiculous, but they have the BEST cottage cheese!!!

                  Of course, you won't want to miss the milkshakes. (My favorite is the caramel--they can make it with white milk or chocolate--so yummy.)

                  If you have kids (and even if you don't), you can walk around the farm afterwards. They often have calves to pet and roosters that will crow at you. They have really beautiful areas to sit and drink a milkshake and enjoy the scenery.

                  I haven't been to the farmer's market, but I hear it has great offerings.

                  I'd check their website for details--reservations are often available, but I've found you don't really need one most of the time. www.traderspointcreamery.com