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Jun 10, 2007 01:58 PM

Good food in Provo, UT?

I will be in Provo for about a week in August and am open to suggestions. I read a post from 2005 with recommendations for places in Red Iguana, Mazza, Citris Grill, Takashi and Lugano still exist??

I would also love to visit any local bakeries, in Provo or SLC. Please tell me there are a few!


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  1. For one night, head up Provo Canyon to Sundance Resort. Have dinner at the Tree Room. Be sure to make reservations. I've never heard of a place to eat in Provo itself. The only place I've eaten in Provo is this little Mexican joint that someone took me to and I can't remember it's name or location, other than it was off on a side street.
    You're as close to Park City as you are SLC, so look at the board for recommendations for there, too.

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      I really like Las Tarascas in Provo/Orem. In the Albertson's strip mall. Perhaps that is the place? And the Bombay House (or something like that), in Provo is pretty good. I live in the Bay Area and was suprised to find decent food in Provo.

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        Can you recall any other non-chains? I have to go back this summer.

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          We are usually only there for a couple of days at a time, so we haven't tried a bunch. I think there is a Thai place, perhaps Thai Chili that I have heard of, but haven't been. At Las Tarascas their red and green enchiladas are good, and lots of poeple like the al pastor (which is not really like al pastor in the Bay Area). My SIL who lives there also mentioned a Peruvian place I think, but I don't recall the name.

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          I don't think that was it. It wasn't in a strip mall. It was more like a little drive-in, with a closed in area with tables. If I remember, there was a Hawaiian plate lunch joint a couple of doors down. I rarely get to Provo - usually, it's just driving down from PC through Provo Canyon to get to I-15 South to go to Vegas or Moab.

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            I second the recommendation for Bombay House--I posted about my recent visit here:



            Bombay House
            463 N University Ave, Provo, UT 84601

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            Mustang and Chamayo's were the best restaurants I found in Park City. Do a search for my Park City report posted last month.

          3. Two locations, one in Orem, one in Provo. Awesome Napoleans, the ciabatta is so light on the inside but has a nice crusty outside. Good selection of smoothies, sammies, and salads. Most offerings are so-so chains, so I do reccoment eating in Park City, Salt Lake, and Sundance Canyon. Have a fun trip.

            1. The Red Iguana is still open, usually very crowded and is really one of the best places that I ate in 2006. Have to admit that we came back at the end of the trip just to have another meal there as it really is THAT good.

              I really enjoy the hamburger shops in the Provo area. Hires Root Beer stand and Crown Burger really serve an outstanding burger and french fries. Better than In and Out or Fat Burger and they serve excellent milkshakes.

              The BYU Creamery serves very good ice cream at their 9th St. Creamery. They serve up some pretty good milkshakes and sundaes.

              We used to have a manufacturing plant near Provo and stayed there several times a year. I used to leave the Marriott hotel and walked north in University. There are a large number of small ethnic eateries along university. the restaurants come and go and I can't give you any specifics but that there are geenrally some gems in that vacinity.

              1. Goodwood's BBQ near the University Mall is pretty darned good. Pass on the brisket, but all the other meats and the sides are excellent. So is their take on Strawberry Shortcake.

                Best bakery in the region is Les Madeleines at about 600 S and State in SLC. If you're going to make the drive, call a day in advance and have them set aside some Kuong Amun (pronounced "queenamoon" but commonly known as crack in these parts). Single finest baked good I have ever put in my mouth.

                1. I am in Provo all the time & don't always have time to drive to SLC for dinner. I like Las Tarascas, Art City Trolley in Springville, & believe it or not, Cafe Zuppas for good soups and pannini. The Tree Room is excellent & worth the short drive.