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Jun 10, 2007 01:51 PM

tenderloin sammies

researching my trip to indianapolis next week i ran across constant references to 'tenderloin sandwiches' on menus at places around indy. i asked about this thing that seemed to be like a hot dog to chicagoans or pizza to new yorkers, and was informed that it's a butterflied, flattened, breaded and deep fried pork loin served on a bun.

someone provided a link to a devoted tenderloin afficianado's blog/photo page.

this item is obviously a midwestern mainstay, and much-loved to boot.

are there any places in FL that serve excellent tenderloin sandwiches? i know that i hadn't really heard of it before (unless someone at a soul food place was making a pork chop sandwich).....

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  1. Pete and Shorty's in Clearwater has them. Not sure how they compare to those from Indy.


    1. Search pork tenderloin on this board and you will find a few references, but really noting useful other than details about the sandwich. There are references to where to get good ones, but not in this area.

      The one place in Central Florida that I thought had them is closed.