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Jun 10, 2007 01:46 PM

Stymied on Sunday evening in Berkeley/Oakland

I have a friend coming over to my side of the bay for my birthday dinner tonight and I'd figured we'd either go to Dopo or PIzzaiolo but to my surprise they're both closed Sunday nights. I wanted a fun place to split some delicious dishes. Then I thought about picking up a Cheese Board pizza and just hosting our get together in my backyard. They're closed on Sunday too! Now I feel sort-of at a loss. If all else fails perhaps we'll go to Cesar but I'm wondering if anybody has some recommendations based on what I had in mind -- for places that might brave a beautiful summer Sunday evening. It doesn't have to be pizza but something about a pizza/salad/salumi combo sounded especially good to me.

Thanks in advance for your recs/

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  1. Oliveto Cafe is the best place for that combo on a Sunday.

    Pizzaiolo is actually open this evening for a special event.

    1. If you want to sit outside, consider A Cote (garden seating out back). No salumi, but lots of small plates perfect for splitting.

      1. A Cote is a good suggestion.

        I can't figure out Dopo's hours for the life of me. IIRC, they're not even posted. Took my dad there for a weekday lunch last summer, no problem. Went back about a month ago (on a Saturday for crying out loud) for another lunch. CLOSED. A total "what are they thinking?" moment.

        Can't wait to try Pizzaiolo; I've heard nothing but good things.

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          Dopo is open for lunch & dinner on weekdays, dinner on Saturdays, and closed on Sundays.