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Jun 10, 2007 01:22 PM

Pretzel cafe in Queens

has anyone been to the Pretzel Cafe in Queens - its under the Vaad of Queens.

What is the food like and is it worth a trip from The five towns or Brooklyn?

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  1. Different Twist Cafe is under the Vaad of Queens. It has various pretzel items, including pretzel pizzas, smoothies, frozen yogurts, sandwiches and salads. The one time I went there, was soon after it opened, and it was out of everything that was remotely related to pretzels so I didn't try anything and I haven't been back since (it is a couple of blocks away from the other kosher restaurants on Main Street.) I do want to try to get there at some point since their menu looks good --

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      After some research I found out that it is the only kosher franchise of a chain called different twist cafe. I think i will go and try it out.

    2. Food is pretty good, but it's too expensive for what you get. $7 for a tuna sandwich? I don't think it's worth making a trip.

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        How many kosher places aren't $7 for a tuna sandwich?

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            Ehhh, most places gets over 7 bucks when you start adding lettuce and tomato.

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              yea but you get 1/2 the amount at a bagel store then you would get there. They actually give a lot on their baguettes with chips and pickles.

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          Your best bet is to go on their discount days...Tues. is buy one,get one free on their frozen yougarts, and Wedn. the pretzels are discounted (I think it's $1.50 instead of $2.30 and up)

        2. Yea it took a little for the place to get on it's feet. The food though is REALLY good and the pretzels are great.(especially these cheese wrap things). They have a pretty cool menu for a kosher restaurant. I really dont think they are expensive at all compared to the rest of kosher restaurants. It is definitely worth it to try since they are the first and only kosher pretzel franchise. if you do go try their whole wheat pizza... it's amazing!

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              Yes, it does, though they have take out and delivery as well.

          1. I went there once. they had chopped salads> it was pretty good.

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              Im a regular customer and not only am i always satisfied with their service i am equally as impressed with the quality of their food. I also know that they plan on expanding their menu and adding a sushi menu as well. Should be great.

            2. This place is definitely worth a trip from anywhere! The food is extremely fresh and amazing. The waiter service is great if you sit down, very fast and very good waiters! This restaurant is unbeleivable!