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Jun 10, 2007 01:14 PM

Two Falafel Questions: 1)baking soda vs baking poweder 2)chick peas vs favas

The NYT magazine has a falafel recipe today that uses baking soda.
Other recipes I have checked use baking powder.
How would the outcome differ using one or the other?

Who uses dried favas and can you compare with garbanzos?

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  1. I don't know about baking soda versus baking powder except that this guy I knew who cooked falafel for Hillel functions always used baking soda to fluff the texture.

    I actually grew up with fava bean falafel as my mom had a very good Egyptian friend. I know Israeli falafel is generally made with garbanzos. In terms of taste, I prefer the fava.

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      Typical Lebanese recipe would call for both garbanzos and favas.

    2. If there's something acidic in the recipe, baking soda is the better choice. If there isn't anything acidic, then the baking soda won't react with anything. Baking powder brings its own acid and therefore doesn't need any added to the recipe. Baking powder should be used judiciously, as too much will impart a distinct metallic flavor to the food.