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Marnee Thai Report

sfoperalover Jun 10, 2007 01:11 PM

went to Marnee Thai's 9th Ave location last night at 7:30pm (a Saturday).despite being qute busy, we were seated imediately by the friendly hostess. our order was taken quickly. we ordered beef in red curry, pad sei-eiw (sp?) with pork, and duck breast on spinach, with white rice. also ordered a few beers, which arrived ice cold. food arrived very quickly, but not too quickly.

red curry with beef was outstanding - tender, flavorful, and plentiful, with broccoli steamed but still a bit crispy. the red curry sauce itself was just a tad scant, but still lovely - especially with the wonderful rice provided.

pad sei-eiw was fabulous. noodles tasted hand made, silky, plump and meaty. they arrived with slices of pork and ground pork. the sauce was a bit sweet and delicious. perfectly steamed broccoli also included with noodles.

duck breast had a wonderful, dark rich glaze (not sure what it was). There was a nice layer of fat between the skin and meat. served on steamed spinach. meat and vegetables were delicious.

had mango with sticky rice for dessert. it arrived beautifully plated with thin slices of perfect, creamy mango fanned around a rice mound topped with warm coconut cream and warm sesame seeds. a fresh orchid also adorned the plate.

we left with a good amount left over. including tip, dinner was just over $50. food at both locations has been consistent, though the ambience of their place on irving further into the avenues is a bit more charming. the 9th ave location is a little loud.

but Marnee Thai remains my favorite thai place in the city!

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    prettypithy RE: sfoperalover Aug 26, 2007 03:20 PM

    I do love Marnee Thai but a recent experience left me cold. I ordered the Spicy Basil Garlic Tofu to go. It has a spicy star on the menu. In addition to this, when I ordered it, I looked the server in the eye and I said "Please make it very spicy". Ultimately it was quite flavorful and tasty but had no heat whatsoever. I ended up sharing it with my two year old nephew who thoughtfully chewed the tofu while demanding "more chicken, auntie!".

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      DezzerSF RE: prettypithy Aug 26, 2007 05:48 PM

      I had the same experience, ordered Pad Kaprow with pork, spicy, but no heat either. It did however come with a large amount of orange oil, I'm assuming chili oil, but it did nothing for the heat. The beef salad was nice though.

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